This is why Game Pass is the best Xbox exclusive


First thing I thought: The value of Gamepass just got better after tonight.


I am buying an X - solidified today. But I haven’t been that impressed with GP, outside of MS first party. Certainly not enough to do more than dabble - mostly Indie titles make up the majority of the catalog. It’s good to check out once in awhile, but not for me on an ongoing basis

I still will buy probably at least 2/3 or more of my games outright.

Gamepass continues to be a fantastic value.

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I’m happy that decision is off your shoulders for the near future!

with Game Pass locked up for 3 years for me and my backlog has more than I can handle, I don’t think I will ever buy another game again unless its Cyberpunk.

Game Pass has turned me into being just a console player to a Console/PC player. No other service brings that type of reach and now with cloud gaming, I can’t believe I am playing games on my phone on demand.


£249 + £7.99 per month for 100+ games including Xbox First Party


£360 + £70 per game

In these times, that’s a easy decision for those looking to save money and not stressed about about Wi-Fi 6. Wouldn’t be surprised if 1 month of GP came with Series S.

That’s why PS5-Digitial is so cheap. Sony want to make their cash back off one-ish game purchase.


I can see lots of ppl getting PS5 DE and XSX via All Access. Best of all worlds and affordable.

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The value Game Pass presents to the consumer will have a snowball effect as more games are added to the service, particularly 1P games.

From a services perspective I think Xbox is in a very strong position.


Yep. Value for Game Pass and All Access just went up tonight. Game Pass is Xbox’s biggest exclusive.


With Canadian prices the way they are, I’m so glad I have Gamepass.

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I still cant believe PS5 Canadian pricing. If basic editions of games are going to cost over 100 with tax imagine special editions and deluxe versions. Some of them were already 130 dollars. We could be looking at $160 for some games if we want deluxe versions

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The value of Gamepass is unquestionably undeniable. Sony indirectly invested in it today.

And we know MS is working on getting more third party games in there day one. Can’t wait for their next announcement.

What announcements? Did I miss something, they have more to announce between now and launch?

Jeff Grubb hinted at something. That MS (Xbox) were spending a ton of money on something that wasn’t an acquisition. While that can mean a lot of things I can’t imagine it being something that’s not Gamepass related . Phil is not going down that console exclusive route like what Sony is doing.

With games going up to £70 in the UK, I’m going to have to cut down the amount of games I buy a year or wait a while before getting them half price or something like that.

Its safe to say I’ll be remaining a gamepass subscriber for a long time to come.

Cyberpunk 2077, Elden Ring, Tales Of Arise D1 on GP imagine

Oh yes, whatever it must be Game Pass related especially if they want to tie up content.

So that’s hiw it’s gonna be!

Xbox gonna win the gene via Gamepass!

Who could have thought :laughing:

Gamepass is the best deal!

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