This is why Game Pass is the best Xbox exclusive

It is possible now the cards seem redistributed but it is a marathon not a sprint. But they are starting really strong. Even without Halo at launch unfortunately. MS has to deliver on big high quality games and stay consistant.

But the future is bright. Gamepass is the secret weapon.

Absolutely. Jim Ryan also expressed in an interview today that they will NOT emulate the Game Pass model. Game Pass value will only continue to be more and more clear.

80 Euros for a single game is absurd. In an age where more and more big titles are becoming F2P, when PC gaming is cheaper than ever thanks to constant sales and bundles, Game Pass delivering folks hundreds of games for 10-15 a month… 80 Euros for a single game that, in many cases, can be beaten in like 2 days feels like an insult, especially during a global pandemic and the subsequent recession.

Some games are gonna pay the price. Destruction All-Stars is a PS5 exclusive launch title with 0 hype, 0 gameplay so far, and it’s gonna land at 80 Euros. It’s gonna be deader than Rocket Arena or OnRush.


It’s really like cinema vs netflix. Big blockbusters made for the big screen vs multiple productions made for a large audience of millions of people with varying interests.

Going to cinema is not cheap and movies some times bombed. I guess we’ll see if it is really sustainable next gen. I think there is space for both, but yeah, those big Sony games will have to be outstanding and sell a lot, even more than last gen.

Oh, an eventual The Last Of Us 3 would sell gazillions even at 100 Euros, that’s not the issue. The issue here is that they did nothing to justify the extra cost. They didn’t start selling expensive experimental discs that contain the game. They aren’t compensating for a loss of income, as they’re breaking records. They’re simply increasing the price because they can, and doing it during a global pandemic feels tone deaf as hell. But you see, other companies are making moves. You can play EA games, Microsoft games, Ubisoft games day one paying 10-15 bucks a month. And those contain some really cinematic experiences like Halo, Star Wars or Assassin’s Creed. Sony offering their premium games at 6-8 times those values is gonna make a lot of folks second guess whether it’s really worth it or not, especially in countries where the economy isn’t that strong.

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Yeah, I guess Sony is gonna Sony. Their bet is that their fans will follow them wherever they go, like Apple with airpods for exemple. It is bold and courageous, but gamers love buying cheap. A lot. Especially in these strange times we are living, like you said.

I’m pretty sure they will have to make more multiplayer games and sell microtransactions at one point. MS, even if it was badly executed in certain games, was right since maybe 2013-2014.

80$ for a solo only one and done game will not gonna fly. You’re right, they have to add something, a coop mode (Ghost of Tsushima mode was a test for them, I think) or some kind of multiplayer component.

I really don’t understand why anyone would go with a PS5 as their primary console. If you care even a little bit about money, Xbox is so incredibly much better that it’s almost insane.

My plan to buy a PS5 very, very late in the generation on a deep sale and get the 5-6 games, also on sale, that interest me on that console just got solidified. Horizon Forbidden West was making me question that, but hey it turns out Sony doesn’t believe in generations after all so I can play that on my PS4 lmao.

Now, just hoping luck is with me for next Tuesday. This morning’s Nvidia preorder was a joke - I especially liked the fact that every major site crashed, and I literally watched the Nvidia site flip from pre-order status to Out of Stock in one refresh. I never even saw it available to order

Don’t think I will be able to compete with the bots for the Series X

PS5 may actually be the easiest to attain given how sporadic pre-orders were so bots couldn’t be used by the scalpers