These rumors seem not so wrong After all

After Reading what Klobrille said about Obsidian Projects (5 or 6), what we’ve seen about rumors on Bf6 on gamepass and Kojima partnership, forza Horizon 5, Starfield as a 2021 title, these rumors are not so far from reality


That is actually kinda interesting. Nice find. Many of them line up with rumors (or confirmed stuff) that iirc started making the rounds only in 2021, but are noted here in December.

Their Xbox E3 prediction list seems super plausible to me too:


Fuck that list is plausible.


Yeah. Also, I could be wrong, but I did a quick search online for anything noting GP and Ubisoft+ from prior to this website’s Xmas list and nothing came up. But others have said it is happening since then, lending credence to whatever the sourcing here is. Also interesting that there is no commentary at all presents to set up the list (i.e. ‘here are our favorite top ten xbox rumors’…etc). It is just the list and nothing else.


I was talking about the E3 list.

That E3 list seems super fucking plausible.

And super exciting too. Fingers crossed! :slight_smile:


Xbox has already acquired two additional studios aside from Bethesda/Zenimax with one being large and the other being small.

I think there was a rumour that Microsoft has studio based in europe in the bag ? Deal dead or waiting for E3 announcement ?

I figured out EA Play was coming to Xbox before it was announced haha and it might happen again if Uplay+ is coming. Not I’m not an insider either lol just a keen eye.

I’m starting to think most of these rumours are true because there seems to be a lot of rumoured things on the Xbox side that turn out to be true.

After Bethesda, some of these game pass games and a 1st party Sony game launching day one into game pass, anything is possible as far as I’m concerned now.


Techland, i Don’t know why but i’ve good feelings. Spheshaled’s silence about that seem to me like a kind of confirmation.

I Believe Phil Spencer Will announce Dying Light2 coming to Gamepass, TECHLAND joining to Xbox familiy and a Little teaser of the next Techland project: all of this at E3 2021.

Cool quick thinking here to start the thread. :ok_hand:

I’m excited and waiting for item nos. 1 and 2.

All the Polish studios are very well supported by their government. Atleast, a gamepass deal hopefully. :crossed_fingers:

What about the persona on xbox rumors.

Possible E3 announcement, I suppose.

I am pretty sure that list is a collection of the top rumors going around about Xbox at the time. Whether one or two prove to be correct has no impact on the remaining because they aren’t even from the same source.


The acquisitions party were the least credible part of these rumors and they haven’t happened yet. And also Sega and 2 other smaller studios appeared before in other rumors (IIRC the 2 small studios came right after Ms acquired Bethesda, and Sega has been an especulation target since forever).

Other stuff is also either too obvious or has been said before like InXile having a super big project, or Obsidian having multiple projects (I mean they had announced Avowed, Grounded and OW2 was definitely greenlit, Sawyer talked about his project before as well, so that’s 4 projects already, and seeing how they can have teams of around 15 people and produce something like Grounded pretty much they can spin a new game out of thin air lol)

But yeah, predictable and leaked previously or not this does seem a very accurate list thus far. Hope it summons the acquisitions into reality as well :joy:


Techland announced it was going public a few weeks ago. That’s a strong sign that if Ms was indeed talking to them for an acquisition it didn’t go through.

Present in Jimmy’s and TavishHill’s lists in the first two posts.

This all seems too good to be true to me. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m wrong (call me out!) , and I would be mostly thrilled if that were the case. Still a bit ambivalent about some things, like the prospect of Persona going PSX → PS2 → PS4 → XSX if only because it means I’ll get an earful from my PS-only friends :sweat_smile:

I mean they’re year old ports at this point. The only hope I have is ms relationship with sega

If atlus were independent. 0% chance ever coming to anything. Not even pc. Atlus are a strange stubborn bunch.

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Oh man, you can say that again. To be clear, I was talking about the idea of Persona going from de facto PS exclusive to Xbox exclusive with a Sega acquisition.

I don’t see that happening.

And even as an Xbox gamer myself…I think persona 6 should be multiplat. Put it on everything. Pc and switch too. I don’t want it as an Xbox exclusive. It’s shame for the franchise its not on more platforms.

Persona is too big now to be an exclusive game.

Atlua need to stop suffocating their best IP. Hopefully sega port them and let atlus focus on 6.

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