These rumors seem not so wrong After all


So is Fallout, TES, Doom and Starfield by that logic.


Perhaps he means too big to be an “unpaid exclusive”, like how Yakuza was.


None of those are exclusive as of now or have been(bar starfield), In the future? sure but MS own Bethesda now. So thats an irrelevant point so no idea why you’re even mentioning those. And technically theyre on PC as well.

Persona 5 should have come out on Switch and PC at the very least. But Atlus have always been a budget constrained studio that focuses on one game per platform and don’t have the budget to do multiplats. When P5 outsold most of their previous games combined…that sort of went out the window


I’m gonna shake you like a magic 8 ball until I hear what I want to hear. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The sega acquisition part of this rumor makes the whole thing suspect, to be honest.