"There Are Games That Are Widely Accepted as Multiplatform that Sony is Locking up for a Little While" - Imran Khan

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Reiterating more moneyhats are coming of big multiplats. I’ve come to terms with FF16 but more is ridiculous. I really want MS to take the high road, and I was adverse to any one company buying all of WB (I think they should distribute the studios evenly as according to need/best fit) but if this continues, then by all means MS, go wild.


What are they? Guess it could be anything, but it better not be Battlefield…or I will have to change my plans…

Also I did not care for the way he said that. He seemed excited. Whereas you know if it was Xbox doing it the tone would be completely different.


As long as it is not something like COD, but that would be a bit too big.

Wouldn’t surprise me if it was COD…but wouldn’t bother me personally…but that might kill Xbox dead potentially.

FF16 has to be one which is no surprise. I’m not sure what the others could be.

I’m expecting Microsoft to get the marketing rights for Battlefield 6 as they normally do and I wouldn’t be surprised if they somehow ended up with the COD marketing as well because it’s August and to not see a new COD game marketed by Sony when it would be huge for them is well, baffling to say the least.

And I will boycott every game they do it with. No matter how good it is, I will not endorse these practices with my money.


I feel like spider man is such a well known and beloved character, that I feel like I’m t should not be exclusive to any platform.
Sony only owns the movie rights to spider man, so don’t know how they are able to lock it to ps4

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Whatever, not buying a PS5 no matter what they do. Sony can waste its money on anti consumer practices it will just further ensure I’ll never buy another Sony console.

With Series X being more powerful and gamepass I’m going to have plenty of games to play next gen.


MS should definitely take the high road as far as any bullshit exclusivity deals go, it will pay off sooner or later. But when it comes to buying studios or even publishers, they should just take everything that makes sense to them.

It’s funny, these deals are supposed to make the PS5 look more appealing, but I wonder if it will have the opposite effect on some people. I really want to get a PS5, especially since I skipped the PS4, but every day I feel more unconfortable about giving Sony any of my money.


None is this is acceptable. I’m done to be honest. They need to take action as a business. Their long term strategy won’t work whilst this goes on.

Final Fantasy XVI is definitely one.

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It makes sense to moneyhat games if you dont have enough first party ready. But its a dangerous game if you’re going against a company like MS, I know they dont have an infinite warchest phil can do what he wants with, but im sure if they feel threatened they will counter aggressively.

I can see sony getting silent hill, but big games like cod, battlefield, GTA etc, I dont buy it, they could buy some studio for less money. Maybe a timed next gen GTA5 patch.

If sony does get something big like cod or gta, ms should go ahead and buy WB interactive, $4 billion is a steal considering all the studios they get.

Personally, I don’t see why people are angry at Sony. It’s business. If anything, people should be mad at Square Enix for accepting the massive checks. They could easily say no but they don’t. I didn’t get mad at Microsoft when they paid for ROTTR to be a one year timed exclusive. I got mad at Square Enix for accepting the payday. But it does work because I bought the Xbox One ROTTR bundle so I could play the game as I didn’t want to wait a year to play it on PS4.

Microsoft should honestly do the same. Fight fire with fire. Plain and simple. If Microsoft acquires WB Games with the licenses and does NOT make Batman, etc. exclusive to Xbox/PC, then that’s on them for being stupid.

I respect that Spencer doesn’t want to do timed exclusives despite doing several already but it only works if Sony was to follow suit and they’re not so you need to be aggressive. If it was me, I would do whatever it takes to not only acquire WB Games and the licenses for 10 years but also, I go right to Take Two Interactive/Rockstar and get GTA 6 as a full Xbox Series X/Series S and PC exclusive. And done.

As for FFXVI being timed exclusive, I wouldn’t be surprised. Spider Man exclusively in Avengers for PS4/PS5, Project Athia is a timed console exclusive and who knows what else.

Sony and Square Enix have always been “close”. Didn’t Sony own like 20% of their stock or something like that years ago? None of this is really a surprise at all, at least not to me.

Rand Al Thor himself has been saying for months that he’s heard about Sony paying for a lot of shit. Microsoft as well but to a lesser extent.

Luckily for me personally, I’ll wait for Godfall, Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Project Athia to get released on Series X once their timed exclusivity deal ends. No interest in FFXVI whatsoever. As for Spider Man in The Avengers, im buying it day one but for Series X since that will be my primary gaming console. And to be honest, I don’t want to play as Spider Man in Avengers so for me personally, works out fine. I care much more about the game being good or better.

The most anyone can do is put their money where their mouth is but 99% of people aren’t going to do that and overall, boycotting the game (or even Square Enix) simply isn’t going to change anything so if anything, you’re just wasting your time and getting aggravated for nothing because you can’t change any of it as it all is what it is.

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It’s business is such a cop out. Everything is business. MS could buy Sony and Nintendo tomorrow and charge $200 a game. That would be just business.

In the real world, where we as consumers live there is a company breaking the normal rules of engagement. They are scared. They rely on hype and they can only really release 2 action adventure games a year. So the rest of their money goes on stopping us on this Xbox forum getting stuff. They spend hundreds of millions just stopping us playing stuff. It’s not normal, this is not how is been in the past. This is be new.


Honestly, I think it could get to a point where people wil really get angry at Sony for doing too much of that type of stuff. The deal with Spider-man for the Avengers game already pissed many people off, and I think that when it will get worse, there could be a big backlash.

For me personally, the frustrating part is that Sony continues to act childish in the face of MS doing exactly the polar opposite. MS does not behave this way. They do not remove games from PSX libraries. They COULD (imagine Minecraft disappearing, ffs). They could kill PSN in an instant if they wanted to renegotiate their deal with Sony. They could’ve kept the Alan Wake IP to themselves instead of giving it back to Remedy, knowing it’d end up on PSX consoles at some point in some form. They could’ve done the same with Mass Effect 1 last gen (and this gen via the remasters). They could’ve pushed to keep Cuphead off Switch and off of PS4. They could’ve pushed to keep Ori from coming to Switch too. They don’t do this stuff because today’s team Xbox respects fans of all platforms.

Paying heaps of cash to keep me from playing games I’d otherwise be playing is not meaningful competition. It’s not doing anything of worth to add value to the PlayStation platform/ecosystem. It is purely to punish anyone who isn’t an owner of their platform. It’s carrot and stick, but without the carrot in this case.

MS could beat Sony over the head with Sony’s countless other anti-consumer positions that are out of touch with what every other sector of the market, but they don’t. They don’t put up childish YouTube videos trying to make viral memes out of stuff Sony does. They are hyper respectful and courteous and encourage Sony to compete and give them credit where it is due.

I don’t even care about not playing a few games so much as I care about Sony being disrespectful to the remainder of the industry just so they can play console warz.


This is a terrible practice and really needs to be called out on. Hardly ‘For the players’


That would be a wow. Especially if xCloud could reach all gamers and they just give that market up.

Aside from the xCloud date, lots of bummer Xbox news this week. This, Gold staying, no iOS because of Apple, man…