The Xbox Era Community Discord Server is live

We have given in and finally started up an Xbox Era Community Discord Server. It’s open to all and will soon have some exclusive perks for Patreon members! Come join the fun and hang out in yet another place to have some great video game discussion and more!


Discord server is great so far! Perfect for short term discussions!


Yup, pretty awesome.

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I joined the discord server before joining this site and i was kicked? I’m very confused. i have not posted anything.

Make sure you didn’t just close the app or get disconnected since it shows you’re still on the server.

Weird. The server vanished from the desktop, mobile and web app. :confused:

and if i try use the invite link again it says its invalid or expired

Thats so strange. You’re still listed as a member and I was able to @ your name on discord too.

When I try using this link below it says already a member. It should be the same for you. Maybe time to try the old fashion “turn it off and on again”? I don’t have any other ideas at this time, sorry.

I turned off wifi and used mobile data and used the invite link again. now im back in. O.o i also removed my phone number. it might be related. reading some old forum posts about ppl having same problem after adding their phone number

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Glad you got it sorted, discord has been having issues showing servers and channels the last couple of days.


This forum moves so slow compared to the discord