The Xbox Digital Broadcast Returns @ Tokyo Game Show 2023 on September 21

Originally published at: The Xbox Digital Broadcast Returns @ Tokyo Game Show 2023 on September 21 - XboxEra

Microsoft has announced that they will be running a digital broadcast at this year’s Tokyo Game Show on the 21st of September. Airing at 1800 hours JST / 0900 hours UTC / 0200 hours PDT, players from all over the world can expect to hear progress updates from Xbox and Bethesda Softworks and see a creatively diverse collection of games from creators predominantly located in Japan and across Asia—there will also be exciting new games coming to Xbox Game Pass as well.

This year’s broadcast will air on the official Tokyo Game Show YouTube channel as well as official select Xbox social media platforms. Captioning will be available in Japanese, English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, French, German and Castilian Spanish. It will also be broadcast with Japanese Sign Language (JSL), Australian Sign Language (AusLan), and audio descriptions in both Japanese and English. Links to the show will be provided the week of the broadcast.

If you’re near the Makuhari Messe on Saturday the 23rd, you’re invited to apply for free tickets to a special in-person event with Phil Spencer and Sarah Bond hosted by IGN Japan. Keep an eye out on those channels over here and here to learn more.

Have a gander at the full Xbox Wire post here and check out the highlights of Microsoft’s 2022 TGS broadcast down below.


7pm Australian time lets go

If anyone remembers last year’s stream it was all Japanese, no multi-language options.

Is it too late for @Doncabesa to do a live stream commentary?

Hoping for some very cool surprises.

It would be 5 am my time

I’m sorry I just had to do it.

Bump because tomorrow is the show and it’s better then post everything in the community thread.


So what are we thinking? Reckon we do get any FF content on Xbox?

Last year Ni No Kuni 1 and 2 were announced to finally come to Xbox and NNK1 was shadow dropped that day. I hope we get something like that this year. Anything Final Fantasy, Ys, or Vanillaware related would be welcomed.



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Never say never! You would think Sony would be done with paying SE to keep it exclusive, at some point, lol.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but is this the first time Xbox post the showcase in their own channel?


  • Persona 5 Tactica trailer
  • Persona 3 Reload trailer
  • Possibly small Atlus interview
  • Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai trailer
  • Maaaybee Kunitsu-Gami trailer

  • Ys VIII Game Pass available today, Ys IX later
  • Trails games published by NISA coming to Game Pass ( I don’t know how they’ll handle this release order)
  • 13 Sentinels coming to Game Pass, possibly available today
  • Octopath Traveler 2 Game Pass at a later date. I want to also say Pixel Remasters but I’m starting to think I’m listing too much lol.
  • (Something big that skipped Xbox that isn’t a JRPG, IDK what to put here though lol, last year the big get wasn’t a JRPG, it was Guilty Gear Strive)

Hard to tell what first party content they will bring, because they did say they are (definitely nothing huge)

  • Forza Motorsport something
  • Maybe a message from Tango, IDK if there’s anymore HFR content coming though
  • They may push Starfield a bit here, possibly give a stat on how much JP players have played it

  • They will end the show on something “big” again, last year was Deathloop which a good ender, just maybe not for the TGS show lol. I think I’ll just say F it and say they’re announcing FF7R Intergrade for a later date.

Show should be solid. I don’t expect any new game announcement, but updates for games like Minecraft and potential ports from Vanillaware and Marvelous.

Would also be a good time for Tales of Arise coming to GP.

At worst a Final Fantasy 14 trailer.


Dragon Quest 12 perhaps? It sure is time for a reveal!

Going too big there lol. IMO that game is a lock for the Switch 2 showcase event, whenever that is.

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Good ideas for predictions.

Well, here are my predictions for TGS :

.Trailer for Metaphor Refantazio( This is more than likely a given at this point since Sega nor Atlus said a word of it on their planned Showcase, which showed Persona 3 Reload and Persona 5 Tactica)

. Shin Megami Tensei franchise on Xbox, Day One on Gamepass starting with the 3th entry launching on that day.

. Capcom’s Kunitsu Gami trailer with a focus on gameplay( Again same reason as with Metaphor) as well as an interview of sorts

. Naraka Bladepoint update.

. Atlus interview in regards to some of their upcoming titles.

. 13 Sentinels coming to Game Pass on that day with past Vanillaware titles coming to Game pass on a latter date.

. Octopath Traveler 2 coming to Gamepass alongside Pixel Remasters and Triangle Strategy, with TS and OT2 launching on that day.

. Ys VII Game Pass reveal alongside other Ys titles releasing soon.

. Update on Forza Motorsport, Starfield, ESO, Minecraft, and Toweborne.

Now those were the safe bets, now lets get to the crazy ones shall we?

. Unseen Studio and JP Game’s first title being revealed as well as being Day One on Gamepass, with the latter being revealed to be a Xbox Publishing Title.

. Level-5 name dropping Yo Kai Watch available in Game pass Today as well as unveil that Decapolice will also appear on Xbox Game pass. (Its a far point but it would be a surprise to say the least)

. Under Night In-Birth available on Game Pass.

. Marvelous unveiling one of their newest projects and stating that is day one on Gamepass.

. CyberConnect2 unveiling either Cecilia or Tokyo Ogre Gate are coming next year and will be Day One On Gamepass.

. Atelier Franchise finally coming to Xbox.


Smaller thing but I wonder if they show when Blue Protocol is coming to console. Just saying that because I’m killing time playing the JP version’s new Halloween update lol. I just remember this game being one of the games Phil and Sarah took pictures with alongside Persona last year.

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Oh yeah that’s a pretty good bet that’s could show on Xbox Direct. Although i might add that i would be quite surprise if we see Sukuna: Of Rice and Ruin on Gamepass (Heard good things about it before and kinda hope to play it one day).

Is it good?