The Xbox Digital Broadcast Returns @ Tokyo Game Show 2023 on September 21

It’s interesting how TGS 2020 and 2021 were more on the nation’s audience and more of “market consumer focus.” 2020 is about them coming back to focus on Japanese market and showcase how many developers are going to support. 2021 is about how their ecosystem will delight them as well as have some games showcased.

2022 was the true first showcase that not only showcased games that aren’t based only announced titles from earlier shows but also focus more on global audience. In fact, that show has English translation in which previous ones didn’t. They definitely got things ready last year. What about this year? Only way to find out.

As a few said something from vanillaware like 13 sentinals and always the list of jrpgs.

For other random other games not listed already. The phenoix wright games that skipped Xbox Made in abyss A fighting game or two

Existing Xbox titles coming to gamepass (last year we had a few) Gonna say dragonball breakers , ai sominion files nirvana initative, maybe zero escape 3, ghost trick, ff7 crisis core

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Got a hunch we’ll get the Pixel Remasters. After the announcement of XIV, I-VI seems like the next logical step.

On the other hand, this is Square, so what’s “logic”, eh?

10 minutes left

Ace Attorney Gamepass cool.


Ori X Party Animal collab

Palworld coming to xbox 2024

Octopath Traveler 2 on Xbox.


Also nice to see that Dragon Quest games are mentioned so i can expect something coming from the franchise in xbox.

Also interviews with developers of Persona 3 Reload and Persona 5 Tactica

Yakuza Like a Dragon Ishin and Man who erased his name will be available on Game Pass. Hell yeah.

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Like a Dragon Gaiden and Ishi both on Game Pass !


Hell yeah exactly what i wanted.


Awesome that Gaiden is coming haha

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Nice was probably going to buy Like a Dragon gaiden

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ESO finally getting Japanese localization.

Update on Pubg.

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FFIX as show closer, you heard it here first

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This game seems like my friend pedro


It’s really time to just forget about FF7R. I don’t know what’s going on, I guess Sony IS still paying for exclusivity even though that ended a long time ago?

The two Yakuza games are a nice surprise for Game Pass. But for me that was kinda about it.


Great to see Octopath II. Suda games are always fun, so excited for that as well.

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Couple of cool announcements. Happy that LAD is coming to gamepass and Octopath Traveler 2 is coming to Xbox.

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The showcase ending was weird or meh tbh

Yakuza GP announcements was the best and kinda only good thing from here for me,i would have closed the show with this.

And as per usual, fuck you Square Enix

Oh and the Eiyuden Hundred Heroes game is looking really nice btw!