The "What should I play next?" thread

I thought maybe this thread could be a companion to the"What are you currently playing?" thread.

Basically, the main idea is to help each other pick what next to play. Maybe by posting a poll of what you’re considering, or by asking for recommendations in a specific genre, or maybe choosing from a few options in an on-going sale.

Whatever the reason, I know I for one can sometimes suffer from analysis paralysis. And I imagine it’s a common affliction among those of us with massive backlogs. My wife likes to use a random number generator for situations like that, but I figured it would perhaps be more fun to involve the community.


I’ll get the ball rolling:

With the unfortunate delay of Starfield, I find myself with an unexpected opening. It’s true that it wasn’t supposed to come out for several months, but basically since the beginning of the year I’d decided to hold off on playing any similarly massive games for a while, and let Starfield be the game to break my fast.

But now I thought I’d take the opportunity to dip into the backlog and play something of similar scale that I missed the first time around.

A bit of context:

  • Some games I’ve loved: Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption I & II, The Outer World’s, No Man’s Sky, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  • Some games I didn’t care for: Fallout III, Grand Theft Auto V, Far Cry 6

That’s enough preamble, here’s a poll to help me choose what to play next:

  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • Fallout IV
  • The Witcher III

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Thanks in advance to everyone who voted!

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Given the games you like and the ones you don’t, definitely play the Witcher.

Fallout NV as a second.

You may also like Elden Ring, don’t let the “hard difficulty” scare you it’s not that bad once you get going.

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Great idea!

I often have this issue, and a massive backlog. I have organized a bit lately though with spreadsheets etc, but every other game is chosen at random from Game Pass or pushed from deep in the backlog depending on mood. I will definitely post here for advice next time.

I would recommend Fallout NV, but that depends a bit on what you didn’t like about Fallout 3? All the games you listed are great though and you can’t go wrong with The Witcher 3.


Currently The Witcher 3 is indeed in the lead, just ahead of Cyberpunk 2077. I’m gonna let the voting continue for a couple of days, I still have one or two missions left in Guardians of the Galaxy, but I’ll probably finish by mid-week, so maybe Thursday I’ll fire up the winner of the poll.

Well… The reason I gave up on Fallout 3 is mildly embarrassing. But I have a pretty low tolerance for creepiness, and those metro tunnels were just too much for me. I don’t mind horror elements in general, but it’s the hair standing up on the back of my neck stuff that gets to me, and makes the experience simply not enjoyable.

Glad you like the thread idea. Hopefully it’ll take off. If not, it’ll just be you and me coming back every few weeks with a new poll. :yum:


I would say it’s less of that, and overall it’s more of the good old Fallout humour in New Vegas. Of course you have your vaults etc, but I’d say go for New Vegas, I looove that game as my avatar might give away :wink:

Haha, indeed.

Nice thread idea!

Sort of different but close enough… Which game should I focus on finishing?

Switch: Metroid Dread (just got the space jump, argh still no Gravity Suit)

PS5: God of War 2018 (Just revived Atreus after going to Hel or whatever ice place with the awesome huge winged boss that turned out not to be a boss and just another troll fight :frowning: )

Xbox: Tunic (close to beginning, got the sword and rang a gong)

PC: Icewind Dale (at beginning of Chapter 6)

  • Metroid Dread
  • God of War 2018
  • Tunic
  • Icewind Dale

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Thanks, good to know. Doesn’t look like New Vegas has a chance at winning the poll, but seeing how I really enjoyed The Outer Worlds, I might just give NV a shot after I’m done with whatever ends up on top.

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Alright, the winner by a substantial margin is The Witcher III. I’ll start it this weekend. Looking forward to it. Thanks again to all who voted.

At the time of writing you’re looking at a tie between Tunic and Icewind Dale… Now what? Run-off vote? Coin flip? Crossing your fingers for additional voters?


Don’t want to throw a spanner in the works, but CDPR just announced the next gen update for the Witcher 3 will be Q4 2022. I’m waiting for that before I start the game again.

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Yeah, thanks for the heads-up. I recently became aware of this, and am a little torn now.

Lol I was sort of waiting to see if I got more votes, but actually I was so surprised that Icewind Dale tied for #1 that I decided it’s the honorary winner.

Edit: Look like ID actually won now haha.

Aight, I have a spot open before I tackle my next backlog game. Help me decide!

  • Last Stop
  • Race with Ryan
  • Pupperazzi

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I really enjoyed last stop, ending was so so, but the voice acting was good.

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I haven’t played any of your options, so I feel like maybe I shouldn’t vote, but based on my own preferences I’d definitely pick Last Stop.

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Hadn’t heard of it, but after looking - went with Race with Ryan

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Ok… I’ve gotta ask. Is this some kind of inside joke that I’m out of the loop on? Or is there more than one game called “Race with Ryan”?

Not to look down my nose at anyone’s gaming choices or anything, but the “Race with Ryan” game I find when searching has a metacritic score of 51 and is described by the top review at True Achievements as a game that “will probably entertain young toddlers for a few hours.”

Doesn’t sound like the kind of title that a hardcore gamer like Mort would seek out… So what am I missing?

Nah, I didn’t bother looking up scores aside from seeing that it was 7/10 on steam which was one of the first things I saw when I did a search, and watched about 30 seconds or so of a video. It looks like a quick fun thing, and that’s what appealed to me about it. That’s literally the amount of thought I put into it. Sometimes I want junk food to clean my palate, sometimes I want something fine dining :slight_smile:

Also I did start Pupperazzi & didn’t really care for it, so ruled that one out.

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Fair enough. :+1:

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It’s a bit of both. The game is very much a baby’s first kart racer, and a bit of a Game Pass joke thing, but just like @Zip says it’s a palette cleanser type of game. Short, cute and uncomplicated.

This is one of the best things with Game Pass tbh, weird games I would never buy but might as well try when it’s freeish. I play alot of different games and am not afraid to try things way out of my comfort zone. I’d argue that is even more hardcore :wink: