The Verge: Size comparsion of Xbox Series S & X vs PS5

Isn’t the Ps5 relying on 2 remasters to sell their console? I am pretty sure most of the hype has been around Demon Souls and Spiderman. These are not new games, no matter how you try and spin it.

There are changes to the UI, just as there are changes to the controller. While there is also familiarity (which is never a bad thing), things are not exactly the same on the Xbox side.

I mean, no matter how YOU see it, both are still new products that will garner interest from consumers.


But sales don’t work like that - a better product is not always rewarded. You could say last gen xbox had 90M market share and lost close to half that. This gen although they’ve got a much better product, they have 45-50M market share and increasing that is more difficult.

The S is a good proposition to the average consumer but its success will depend on how many games run well on it and close enough to the PS5DE performance to make the lower price enticing.

A generation is a long time and gamepass, the huge studio lineup and overall value will IMO make Xbox a very very enticing prospect but the problem is if sales are 4/5-1 by then will it matter? The mass market might follow the launch but after that many have made their choice and won’t switch because they just drop out of following the news.

I do think we can be crticial of Sony and the things they’ve got wrong but Xbox have clearly failed in some aspects of their launch proposition. Next year is going to be big for Xbox they have a window to ensure 2 or 3 really big, games that cut across the public conscience are on Xbox - Halo Infinite clearly needs to be one but I think they need a couple of others to make a big impact and land and entice people over. Their real problem is that Halo at launch might have moved systems I’m not convinced it moves systems once the core have all bought their consoles…but we’ll see.

HD rumble is a nice touch, but lets be real here, its a small piece in a big picture.

XBox has the most powerful, the most affordable , the best service (gamepass) and when there first party gets rolling any playstation dominance will be a whisper of the past.

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There IS smoke and mirrors I agree. But that’s part of the problem Xbox have. They could have marketed Gears 5 just like Sony have Spiderman but instead they’ve effectively buried a major update and not really sold the public on how insane Gears 5 is. So the perception is Spiderman MM is a brand new game that looks insane but Gears 5 is just an enhancement. That’s on Xbox.

They should have repackaged Gears 5 with the DLC had it at launch with the new graphical enhancements thrown in some hardware RT (since its the new buzzword) and called it Gears 5 Hivebusters or something. Then they’d have had their own title to generate buzz and wow people.

So you think next gen xbox will have less marketshare then this gen?

Honestly think you’re living in a dreamworld. Lets revisit this in a year and see where things are! :slight_smile:

I don’t know - my hunch is somewhere around the same. But I do think its possible it has less. I see a swing from people on Xbox to PS and little coming the other way. But as I’ve just said lets revisit in a year.

That would be disingenuous, and you know they would have gotten flack for that. There are more games coming at launch for the Series X and I am sure more will be confirmed.

I prefer MS marketing as they are honest, and I understand what I am buying with them.


Yeah…the DS4 touchpad and switchs HD rumble are the reasons for those platforms success :woozy_face:

Lol when you are shown reasoning and evidence which shows your viewpoint to be wrong or weak you start with the personal attacks. Pathetic.


I have actually seen the opposite, but like everything, we (humans) tend to look for evidence to confirm our bias.

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I wasn’t trying to be insulting…at all. Sorry if it came across that way. To me living in a dreamworld is a common phrase used everyday to describe people who are just in an alternate reality. Its not meant to be an insult. Its possible I’m in the dreamworld.

But there isn’t evidence or reasoning here - the hard numbers we do have are likely to be dismissed as not accurate or relevant - but we can wait and see how it pans out. I prefer the Series X - I’m not even getting the PS5 for a year or so. But I do hear what others are saying and see social media. I know plenty of people who have been Xbox buying a PS5 day one and some of them not an Xbox. I don’t know of anyone coming the other way. Perhaps you have a different experience - I hope so because I want the brand to grow!

Now this is some dreamworld stuff.

Honestly xbox one was weaker, always online, no used games, kinect included and more expensive.

This time the seriesX is the most powerful and the same price as the PS5, the seriesS is the most affordable, gamepass is the best service in gaming, xbox gaming studious is now extremely competitive and xcloud is the best cloud gaming platform.

To think xbox will do worse make no sense at all. Thankfully the other posters will see this and see how little sense you are making.


Xbox strategy has worked in subtle ways. By offering free upgrades on games they made it so PlayStation can’t just repackage remastered versions of their PS4 hits. If Sony releases Spider-Man Remastered as a full price game they should get torched by gamers. God of War Remastered, Ghost of Tushima Remastered, Last of Us 2 Remastered. Unless these are free upgrades, all should be met with backlash now.


I still stand by my point that xbox will increase marketshare and playstation will decrease marketshare this gen, sony may still “win” the gen, but I never said they would not.

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This is an interesting point I did not think of. As it stands now, Sony has not put that much effort into enhancing “older” titles as much as Microsoft has.

I think making remastered current gen games does not make sense from a technical standpoint, say for example ND remake TLOU2 for PS5, they might as well make a new game because for a full remake to be worth it it would need all knew assets and lighting model and I think the returns would be diminished.

I hope they just add a 60fps mode and maybe better textures and a real time global illumination like svoggi.

This is all true - but its a case of the wider gaming public realising it. And they need to be shown.

Just because they have not watched a YouTube video does not mean people are unaware.

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Everyone I know who is in their 30s or are parents are picking up an Xbox this holiday for one reason, Game Pass.

Game Pass isn’t some sort of miniscule detail in Xbox’s ecosystem, its a massive reason why people are going to jump into another ecosystem. Console, PC, mobile are just too strong of an offering for $15 per month.


Agreed. The flared sides make it look stupid. I’m interested to see what third party shells look like

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