The Verge: Size comparsion of Xbox Series S & X vs PS5

Xbox has the smaller, yet more powerful, console. Good job by the engineering team.


They did a fantastic job, no doubt about that! I always have a hard time figuring out how big things are without seeing them in real life, but the way they managed to pack so much into a package so compact can’t be praised enough.


The PS5 would have looked so much better if it didnt have the flared sides and disc drive buldge.


The PS5 is fucking huge.


That console is ass-ugly.


Don’t think will fit in any gaming case :confused:


It is a bad design. However, looking at the social media engagement numbers - the PS5 unboxings are absolutely smoking it. This is going to be a rough gen for xbox just looking at engagement.

I would say it looks best hidden behind your tv. Hide it mounts make it so you never have to see this ugly thing.

The ps5 could be wrapped on just a plain brown cardboard box and it would still get crazy amount of views, because there are over 100 million PS4 owners who are interested.

It will be a rougher gen for PlayStation because there marketshare will decrease while xboxs marketshare will increase.


Yeah, Sony is usually good with designs, but this one isn’t hot at all. The ps2, ps1, and even ps3 looked better than this.


what the actual


Yeah I’m not sure why so many use social interest as a direct correlation to popularity of that thing in reality. Especially during a pandemic and recession, I think there’s a lot here and elsewhere that are underscoring the impact that the Series S will have.


Somehow PS5 has managed to look bigger than the photoshops


I think from what I’m hearing from Xbox friends is that there is an issue in that the PS5 has a new controller, a new UI, and new launch games. And people are tempted by that. Even if the controller is a gimmick and the UI barebones they want the shiny new toys.

I do think that is a factor and IMO somewhere Xbox have messed up a bit. Their offering is absolutely fantastic for people in their ecosystem but it isn’t enticing anyone really to jump in - not at launch at least. Whereas I suspect people will be swayed by the PS5 new toys syndrome.

Its not for me personally but I do understand the argument that the Xbox showcased the UI yesterday and its just a faster UI - but everything else is the same. Now its a great UI - BUT doesn’t really bring any new innovation. and the controller is the same. Lets not underestimate that people do like things that are new and exciting.

The PS5 is just so big. Considering the weaker internal specs it really makes no sense. I am assuming due to high clock speeds they were afraid of overheating.


People dismissed those Augmented Reality comparisons because they were supposedly not accurate.

The thing turned out bigger in real life. Jesus.


Seeing all those PS5 unboxings now, I’ll give a +1 to Microsoft for paying attention to the packaging, so the first time we open the box, the first thing we’ll see is actually the console itself, and not a bunch of compartiments and papers.


I am just going to be blunt, I disagree with everything you wrote.


No doubt the PS5 has its advantages, but if you just look at the xbox offering compared to this gen it will be impossible for Microsoft to not do better then this gen. Last gen sony went up against an xbox with bad management who made to many wrong decisions, this time sony are using a very similar stratagy against a much stronger xbox.

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What bit? I find the Series X far more enticing to me. But that’s me.

The PS5 controller has new stuff in it, the UI has big new features (and is new) and there are at least perceived new games to play on it.

The Series X has a controller more or less the same as the current one, the same UI and is relying on first party enhancements at launch.

To people who buy consoles to play new games in new ways (and lets be clear that’s a lot of people) what is Xbox offering them? Amazing BC and a superb controller and solid UI are all great but there isn’t really a new Xbox experience - its the same one in a more powerful box. I’m really happy with that but its hard to get your average consumer excited by that proposition. That’s how I see it. I look at astro bot and think in terms of a gimmick - to make people interested its quite clever.