The US Capitol Building is Under Seige by Trump Supporters, Gunfire Reported

Yeah, and these people aren’t going away. A centrist like Biden will alow the Republicans to wash thei hands clean of their crimes. But the people they have cultivated for 40 years. people that are storming the capital right now… victims of their propaganda and bullshit gifting… turning into cult-members…violent cult-members? Are not going away. Trump was easy… the next one that taps into this? Will be a lot harder to deal with.

And by allowing the Republican party off scot-free? Biden will do what Bismark did before him… just prepare the stage for the big one.

PS: I don’t make them into victims. I see them as racist fucks that never had to deal with their racism as the Republicans catered to them and fed them ever more extreme crap.

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He absolutely needs to be removed post-haste, and the members of Congress that spurred these actions with their constant disinformation about the election and refusal to certify need to be removed from office. Combine that with systematic arrests of these terrorists, and investigations into the police members that colluded with these individuals. The only way this country can move forward, the only way we persist as a democracy and a country governed by laws is to hold those attempting to subvert those facts accountable.


Not just that, people like Mitch Mcconnel, Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham? They should be in jail over this. This is their doing!


I’m hoping that this is the wake up call for Biden, especially with Kamala and so many in the incoming administration directly adversely affected by these people through their lives. I can guarantee the Democrats who had to hide for their lives today will be pushing damn hard to change Biden’s mind.


Yeah they’re included in my blanket statement of those Republicans in Congress that spurred these actions.


Putin must be laughing his arse off :(. And it’s not just an American problem, these schmucks are in Europe too. Luckily not as well armed… yet.


And now Trump is apparently happy that this happened. His latest tweet is just pure insanity.


And now we have someone actually dying due to this insanity. Everyone who has kept peddling this ‘election fraud’ narrative has actual blood on their hands now.


Sorry for my bad language moderators, but this is all fucked up. Democracy is dying more and more each days, racism is at an all time high, divisions everywhere. Just horrible.


We are seeing democracies dying because we got so bombarded by everywhere with fake news and skewed opinions, our privacy got so invaded with internet and social midias that many of us lost the ability to fight for it, we forgot the basics and the apathy took control of several segments of society. When the ppl doesnt fight for democracy it opens up to fascist groups like this Trump army and many other trump wannabes over the world that bet on division and caos. It is a daily fight.

I know for a fact because I live in Brazil, ruled by a trump wannabe - maybe the most despicable of them, and I completely lost faith in the institutions, everything is derailed and driven by public opinion, nobody takes responsibility on anything and virtually nothing shocks the society anymore. What we are seeing on US today, despite being almost unbelievable, it is a scene that we will see in any country that is ruled by facists trump wannabes. These guys have nothing to add, they just brings up the worst of everybody.

When I see the world of today I cant agree more with a phrase of Aldous Huxley. I will let it here because I think it is extremely contemporary: “the perfect dictatorship would have the appearance of a democracy, but basically be a prison without walls in which the prisoners would not even dream of escaping. It would essentially be a system of slavery where, through consumption and entertainment, the slaves would love their servitude”


Looks like twitter had deleted trumps tweets.

Watching this from Australia and it just boggles my mind about US and how things like this can happen in a country like US.

Showed me that Democracy can be broken by anyone and can get away with anything.


Money corrupts

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I wasn’t trying to dismiss the ongoing events by saying people were being hysterical (maybe I should have chosen a better phrase), but there were so many people claiming it was the end of the republic because a few hundred MAGA thugs got into the Capitol building. I’m not denying that the white nationalists are dangerous and need to be put down, just that I didn’t agree that the US was descending into dictatorship. All this attack did was delay the inevitable by a few hours. The optics of the event are the most damaging aspect along with it inevitably inspiring other attacks.

Exactly, thats the dangerous part. What if the next one after Trump isn’t some incompetent moron and gets things done the nazi way? The recent events showed that “checks and balances” is rather fragile.

You mean someone like say… Tom Cotton? Yeah, it would be so much worse.


America is sort of lucky that the president is so incompetent because someone more intelligent and capable would be able to do so much more damage.

In regards to checks and balances I would say they were not designed for an era where political parties exist and have become so polarised - I am refraining from saying who is at more fault because that’s an entirely different discussion - but what it means is that it makes it highly improbable that any wrong doing is punished and therefore actively supports it.

As you say, they have held but just barely and may not do whenever the next ‘Trump’ comes along.

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OH yeah, the next one will be way worse. There is always a next one. There are those that think they can “use” these kind of tactics and feelings, think they can “control” it. Usually religious right wing nutters (televangelists) that just grift or politicians that think it helps them. But it bit many a historical ruler in the arse (there are so many examples of this from Greek, Roman and Egyptian times it’s mental that politicians haven’t learned from it).

It’s the one that is the true believer, and competent in that! That is the one that will be scary, sure there will still be grifters that will go along with it (as always), but this true believer that is the one that will go all out. People forget that Adolf Hitler also was very active in the streets, he carried a whip and had murdered people before he got to power. He wasn’t a “small little dictator” as portrayed in many movies, the man was an abusive sociopath with a lust for young girls, that loved showing them how “scared his dogs” were of him.

He was a lot smarter than given credit for, many of these people were. There is a nice “comedy” from Germany about this. “Er ist weider da”, it starts as a comedy, about Adolf Hitler being transported to modern times. But the ending… is very dark. Because it deals with the fact that Hitler (like many a populist leader before him) is not stupid. He learns very quick, and turns it around in his favor. The “scared confused old man” that you learn to pity a bit in the start? Turns into a sociopath plotter by the end of it.

The reason for this? Historians know the real top NAZIs, not the ones movies show us. They know Hitler gave interviews for instance, and had interviews with people that dated him or were friends with him before he got to power. I use NAZI’s as an example, but you might as well use Stalin, Pinochet, … it doesn’t matter really. The same personality traits apply. It is those that think they can “use it” (like the Republicans did) … that are the fools and the guilty ones.

And that is very much true, we tend to think about them as “stupid” as they never tell us any real solutions or act all silly? But they are a lot more competent than we think.

BTW: Sorry for my typos, I’m typing this on a very old keyboard, and when I read it back… gosh… what a mess.

Just on a comical note, this one made me laugh out loud:

(Being an activist (even now I work) and having felt the Police baton (even being stabbed by Police officers)… it’s hilarious in a sad way. That woman is so … deep in the cult :frowning: ).

And yes… it’s a fucking cult.


That’s the thing, there is too much power in the hands of the American President. But even then… you were really lucky that he was incompetent. Was he a true believer? And well read in historical documents (like Adolf and his cronies were?), he would not have let the Covid crisis gone to waste. Trump was just a fool, the next one will be far worse. And no… it’s not just a USA problem. VIktor Orban, The PiS Party in Poland, AFD in Germany, FVD in the Netherlands, … there are so many and internationally they talk to each other. They do the exact same tactics, just change a few things for the home market. For now they still are mostly grifters, with a few actual true believers (many times extremely stupid) in their ranks.

But when the smarter true believers come along… then it will get extremely dark… very fast.

Checks and balances are one thing, but they use those to “check” you, and don’t care about corruption and illegal activities for their own deeds. The less of those checks the easier it will go of course, but it still doesn’t make it safe, if the “normal” politicians are very willing to work with them. The USA just was really lucky that this was Donald Trump and not some competent true NAZI. In that regard? They would have won EASILY, as the COVID crisis was a gigantic opportunity for those that would have been smart enough to take advantage of it. “Never waste a good crisis” as they say.

The scary part is, it is the exact same rhetoric… everywhere in different languages. When asked :“What freedom is taken from you?” they don’t know… or what country they want back? They don’t know.

It’s 40+ years of indoctrination by grifters and politicians that abused the ultra right wing to get what they want, and now it has come home to roost. This is why we cannot let people like Mitch Mcconnel get away with it. They USED these people. It’s really saddening as this could be your dad, mother, etc. Fallen to Talk Radio and other bullshit.

It’s a cult, an deprogramming will be really hard as … they are out there… don’t believe anything but the never ending death spiral of “news” that they get from their own sources. How do you go about it. Sure we can do something, we can try to get our dads and mothers of these channels and help them. But for 10 days of work like that? Fox News or OANN only needs 10 minutes to get their clutches back in… let alone these extremist Facebook groups that only tell them what they want to hear.

This will be really difficult to solve.

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It was ten of thousands+ that stormed the capital. And their explicitly stated intention was to capture and murder Congressmen and women and Pence. They brought (and armed/planted) explosives. Their intention was a violent, deadly revolution.