The US Capitol Building is Under Seige by Trump Supporters, Gunfire Reported

Title says it all. Important legislators have been evacuated to safe locations. Story is obviously developing…

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They’ve lost their mind.


I never want to hear another ‘Both Sides’ argument. I never want to see any revisionism here, or anywhere else. This is completely on the hands of Trump, the GOP, and the right-wing media/Facebook for pedaling the dangerous disinformation, verifiably-false conspiracy theories, and encouragement of violence over the past five years. This is a sad day in the United States when it should have been a celebratory moment for the millions that voted for a party that wanted to repair the country after the ravishing COVID and the Trump administration wrought.


Embarrassing. Republican lawmakers and Trump shocked that using the language they do has consequences.

Some people been hysterical and calling this a coup, which it isn’t. It’s just some red neck morons who are going to get arrested within hours.

I think we should be careful about calling anything hysterical at this point given the DoD refused the request to deploy the National Guard… considering there have been shots fired in the Capitol… considering the clear disproportionate response given what we saw with the near-completely peaceful BLM protests.

Secret service and armed police are arriving and BBC just announced 200 Virginia state troopers are on the way.

It’s not a coup or anything resembling a coup that has happened in other countries.

Well yeah it’s not surprising the US gov had their police with military toys for BLM and Paul Blart for the MAGA red necks.

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Jesus christ with people and politics

Apathy towards politics is the reason we are in this mess, ultimately.


Its not a surprise tho considering how hard Trump has been fighting this election for months

When is Trump leaving the White House ?

Not soon enough. Genuinely feel Pence and the cabinet need to invoke 25th amendment immediately.


When you have at least a large portion of the 70+ Million that voted for Trump in favor of these actions and have been “standing back and standing by” precisely for this moment, I’d really advise against not calling it an attempted coup… because by Guiliani and all the other thugs at today’s rally, and the very words of these insurrectionists, that’s what it is. I believe and hope it will fail, absolutely, but stop comparing today’s not-even-finished actions to other coups in history, especially since most coups don’t occur with a large portion of the police and government infrastructure supporting this bullshit. I’ve worked in said government long enough with a lot of those would-be-fascists to know this type of event is what they’ve been hoping for since the second week of November.

Edit: As someone who participated in BLM protests and came across this very group of armed white-nationalists, if you don’t think they were out to harm/kill members of the Democratic caucus, you’re being intentionally obtuse.

They absolutely do, and his actions over the last week with the culmination of an attempted insurrection deem that criminal proceedings must occur at this point for the acts of sedition. I’m aware that a President has never been removed for criminal proceedings, let alone punishment, but historically we’ve also never had a President actively encourage an insurrection.

“red-necks” is a shitty term that is used too broadly, like hill-billies and what not. A place like Georgia is seen as redneck and they just elected Jewish and Black senators after voting for the democrats in the presidential election. These are nazis and white nationalists and those can come from anywhere.


This is so sad, I didn’t wish to be on a forum, please be safe USAXboxEra!


Sure as hell doesn’t seem to be a hysterical response at this point. This is beyond disappointing, disheartening, and for a lot of people, frightening. I’ve seen more than enough cops taking selfies and opening the gates to these people to avoid calling it an attempted coup at this point, especially hours after Ted Cruz’s seditious speech and Rudy Guiliani calling for trial by combat.

Edit: I forgot to mention that there’s not been a single arrest and there has been a woman shot thus far.

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Shame on Fox News, they are calling that a “peaceful protest”


Pence had to approve the use of the DC National Guard and not Trump, which says it all. It doesn’t matter that he only has 2 more weeks in office the man must be removed immediately before he can do anymore damage from the office.


Fox News is essentially the Nazi media at this point, and that’s not hyperbole.

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Oh I always knew they were trash, even politic aside, they don’t know how to report accurate news.

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