The toxic attacks towards Digital Foundry are too much

I have seen a number of John Ls tweets today, and the constant fanboy attacks are obviously having an effect on him. Both Neogaf and Reset are hostile to DF over a perceived bias to MS, when in fact they are far from it. And Twitter is even more toxic.

It’s just got over the top this gen. With the PS.not having the power crown, and Sony not being forthcoming with info, it really has triggered the Sony fanboys to where they are off the chain.

So to the guys at Digital Foundry, juat keep things in perspective. The clowns stalking you on social media and forums represent an insignificant portion of gamers who are obviously triggered by what their console of choice is putting out, and talking it out on you.

Keep your head up, keep doing your good work, and onwards and upwards for DF.


I’ve seen some of their reply’s but what are they getting attacked over? Having series X content?

The fanboys are crazy. I like talking about video games in general, and don’t care about the system. And I always though DF had an Xbox bias. That isn’t new

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Pretty much, and they haven’t been telling everyone that the PS5 is just so amazing.


It’s truly disgusting, and while I know there are plenty of trashy Xbox fanatics, you never saw John or anyone have to post statements about their mental health. These people are insane and while gaming is a passionate hobby for me, there are infinitely more important things happening right now. I’m extremely stressed about what’s happening politically in the US and I’m doing everything I can not to lose faith in a broken system, but you don’t see me lobbing death threats at a certain political party, no matter how much their incompetence has cost lives and livelihoods.


It’s part of the Sony fanboy playbook. Youtuber Linus made fun of Sony’s magic ssd the had to walk it back with a cringy apology to Sony fanboys because he wanted all the hate to stop. The video was over the top embarrassing to watch. We love in a cancel culture, that’s how things work now.

It will be a sad day when Digital Foundry gets canceled but with John’s Twitter comments it looks like the campaign to cancel the truth is starting to take hold.


DF are seen to have a MS bias only because MS has allowed them to break news about their new consoles. Sony have chosen to give information to Wired magazine, and not DF. And outside of Wired, Sony hasn’t given anyone anything. DF have said that they have asked Sony for clarification on things such as VRS, and Sony don’t reply. How can DF be blamed for Sony not giving any info? MS give them things to report about, so they report on them. Should they not talk about Xbox because Sony are a locked ship? And if we are honest, John is quite anti MS, even writing in a forum that he does not like what MS has brought to the industry, and thinks we would be better off it MS had never of entered it. I mean, that’s hardly a MS biased point of view. Yet even that’s a bit too MS positive for some fanboys.


Can’t do more PS5 content when you don’t have access to a PS5 like they do a Series X. People are dumb.


It is rough.

Fanboyism is a cancer that afflicts all camps.

Some are getting antsy because 2020 is not a carnival that 2013 was. People are wondering where are the Banderas memes etc this time around.

At least those people got Craig…


People are fucking morons God the Sony fans are really toxic right now and im sure Xbox fanboys can be as well but I don’t think its been as bad as the sony fanboys are acting right now I just hope digital foundry keeps thinking positive I enjoy their content


Yeah the idea that DF is biased towards Xbox is utterly ridiculous. I think the staff overall is even handed, and while John definitely has a past that paints him as otherwise, I’m hopeful that he’s grown up a bit so I’m not going to jump condemn him either way at this point.

What has been said? I can’t seem to find anything on his Twitter.

These people are the worst. They honestly make me feel a bit better about myself because hey, at least I’m not a loser who spends so much of their time on Twitter arguing about plastic boxes. I really don’t understand what goes on in the heads of these people, they spend more time trashing the opposite console rather than enjoying what their console has to offer.


As someone who’s been following Digital Foundry for over a decade or whatever it’s been, they’re the ones I trust when analyzing games, consoles, etc. and while sometimes, their truth disappoints me based on which console is my primary, I have never once thought about going off on them or stop watching just because what they say at times doesn’t go my way.

Now, it’s simple. Microsoft sent them and many others an Xbox Series X while Sony hasn’t sent even their most hardcore fans a PlayStation 5 and it’s real simple as to why - Microsoft simply out engineered their ass and has the better console and all the PlayStation fanboys can’t handle that.

Back to Digital Foundry, I told John to block/mute those who are assholes to him and move on because going nuts with these pieces of shit is just a waste of time and sure as hell isn’t going to help John be more calm and relaxed.


Same. I like to discuss hardware differences between the consoles, but I try to stay factual. I think RGT is a little biased towards Sony, in that he accepts for a fact the PS5 has VRS, even when Sony themselves have failed to confirm it. But I’m hardly going to start attacking him personally on Twitter or YouTube. Worst I would do is leave a comment that I think VRS isn’t yet confirmed by Sony and until then I don’t think it is.

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It really is as simple as that lol. What do the fan boys want DF to do? Not to make content for the system they have hands on with?


of course you’re going to think that, you’re biased towards Playstation.

DF is the most unbiased source of information because they are only relying on hard numbers based on performance. Xbox has been extremely transparent about their technology and hardware which allows DF to report on it. Let’s not forget when PS4 was destroying Xbox One in face-offs and DF was rightfully reporting the performance.


I’m not biased toward anything. I prefer PS software, and Xbox hardware if truth be told. I’m more of a Square Enix fanboy than anything else. MS team just makes better hardware these days

I mean if only Sony sent them a PS5 to produce some content. Ms just acknowledges them as high technical peeps and opened the doors for them to dig on their system. They are just doing their work as tech analysts. As others already said John has a history of being an anti MS guy, which make these claims of bias more stupid.

In the other hand, I see this toxicity thing as cronical issue that is the result of years and years of almost zero moderation on internet and big outlets tolerating trolls behavior for clicks and several times encouraging fanboy wars with incredibly stupid headlines. This is a direct effect of journalism credibility crysis, imo. Ign until these days was posting stupid fanboy wars memes, not surprisingly their comments boards is cesspool of stupidity.

Twitter, YouTube are the same thing, if you don’t have thick skin you may get sick reading the comments board on these places. Things start as those stupid little things like Xbox/PS sucks, 900p trash box, etc, etc and as these ppl starts to get more and more confident, because there are no moderation whatsoever or mods themselves are fanboys, they escalate and go for personal attacks, death threats, like John’s and many other already suffered.

I use to have an Twitter account some ys ago, and one day I got impersonated by sony fanboys and photo ridiculed by them, all because a piece of plastic.

For me, console war is a cronical issue that escalated to stupid levels of insanity and that few ppl are genuinely interested in putting an end on it.


It is an unbelievable sad situation how some parts of the gaming community attacked John and Digital Foundry. John himself is a Playstation fan (nothing wrong with that btw), so him beeing attacked with this much vitriol from the own group is mind-boggling. Just had a look at that jaydub guy on Twitter, holy. Instablock