The Outer Worlds 2 announced for Xbox Series X|S and Windows 10 PCs

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Obsidian Entertainment has announced The Outer Worlds 2, a sequel to the 2019’s original game taking place in a new star system with a new crew.

Nothing else is known about the game. In fact, the trailer mocks about how nothing is yet set in stone, from the story to the main protagonist.

But one thing is always certain: whenever the game launches, it will be joining the Game Pass catalogue on day one!

New solar system, new crew, same Outer Worlds. The Outer Worlds 2 is coming…and when that day is closer we will show you more…but until then enjoy this.


I feel like they announce it so early to show everyone that this is an Xbox exclusive and MS/Obsidian has the rights to this game. With a proper budget and less bureaucracy the sequel could be much better than 1.


I thought this was the best trailer in the show. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Was hoping for this! Great trailer and I’m very excited to see more.

That trailer was so self aware lol. Man, Obsidian has so many games in the work.


This was very self aware.

But also quite weird they announced this. What would be the thought process behind this? Staffing up Obsidian?

This is my thinking. They have 20+ positions open.

Crazy to see how much they have staffed up since being acquired.


So no Parvati and some mysteries in Halcyon will stay unresolved? Mhmmm, i don’t know how i feel about this. I had hoped it would be more like a Mass Effect 2.


Have to wait and see, but this could be a thing for the series going forward.

Honestly I didn’t mind the trailer being CGI, I really liked it. I’m pumped to see what they do with this game, though I’d imagine it’s 2024 or late 2023.

Funny video , can’t deny it. But it’s clearly very far away, so why announce this but pass on showing Avowed,which presumably really had something to show?

There’s still time this year, hope so!

Having watched the show, it should be clear why Microsoft decided to not include it and that is because it was not needed. Keep that powder dry for another day. There are 365 days in a year afterall.


Hmmm, personally I don’t agree with that. This is the big show, stuff beyond 2022 was announced and shown and it would have been great to see a game far out while still getting a look at something tangible. I think it would have been the perfect addition.

However, I do agree that there’s enough time for it. I just hope that time is sometime this year and not E3 next year.

We don’t actually KNOW if they had something ready. Just insider talk which is never really reliable. If it was another CGI trailer then there would be no point, or maybe they had gameplay but weren’t confident with it just yet. Or perhaps they had nothing at all and weren’t planning anything in the first place. But either way, the gameplay reveal WILL happen at some point. I’m ok with waiting, because I want them to show it in the best state possible.

But that’s why I said presumably :wink:

It’s true. At the end of the day it’s just comments on a forum and there’s no way to tell how right their sources even are. It would be awesome if they do have it and if so, can show it at GC, assuming there is one or make sure to have it in TGA this year. That way letting Xbox and Obsidian have a nice presence there.


Hmm… I’m betting on Redfall gameplay at one of those two shows. After all, it isn’t too far away. But I think they wait to show Avowed gameplay at E3 2022, same with Hellblade II. We’ll see what happens though, but either way I’m excited for the eventual gameplay reveal.

First off I was super hyped to see an announce of Outer Worlds 2 because it was one of my favorite new IPs, and the trailer alone is messaging that it will be a ramp up in fidelity for next gen. The obvious reason to me that they announced now was to help bolster the message of Xbox exclusive content that is wanted by the broader gaming audience because this of course started as a multiplatform game that was on some GOTY lists, and then they clearly marked Starfield and Redfall as Xbox exclusive today too.

And it is very wise to hold something like Avowed or even Hellblade II because you know that Sony will be doing their own thing whenever they freaking choose because they are “too good” for E3 or something, along with Gamescom and Game Awards beats the rest of the year too. When Sony drops the inevitable next God of War trailer you don’t want to have shot everything in a single show.

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That’s because those things were just announced while we know Avowed exists. Usually Microsoft like to release a game within a year once they reveal gameplay so they will reveal it when they plan to start the marketing.

That’s true too.

So E3 2022 would make more sense. Assuming Avowed is going to be early 2023, after all the game was said to be doing very well, in great shape etc. This could potentially mean two RPG heavyweights at E3 next year. The Starfield deep dive which is just a guarantee and then also probably Avowed. Maybe they’ll leave Fable for E3 2023.

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I think it is fair to expect Avowed gameplay at E3 2022 along with Starfield if what we hear about it is true. In regards to The Outer Worlds 2…E3 2024 :sweat_smile:.