The OT [OT] - Claim your thread

I couldn’t find a thread for the upcoming Flight Simulator. Should I create the OT?

OT’s for new games are created 48 hours in advance. So, this sunday. You are free to make it at that date.


I’ll discuss this with the team. I want to stimulate creativity in this community, I’ll come back to this.

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Is this exclusively for the Gaming side of it, or the forum in total? I want to do a Football OT, as the next season is rather close :smiley:

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Go ahead!

I want to make an xCloud OT for September 15th, is it available?

Yes. You can create the thread on September 13th. We could also have a Preview OT that we turn in the official OT overtime. Your call.

Yeah, we still have to wait to know what the official name for the service will be. So it could be "[name of service] Preview/Beta |OT| [pseudo-funny subtitle], and aftwerwards, whenever they release version 1.0 we could have an official one. What do you think?

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@SuikerBrood Is Wasteland 3 up for grabs? Can’t wait for that game! :slightly_smiling_face:

It is. You can post the thread 48 hours before launch.

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Promised to get to you about this. We think it’s important creators in our community have a place to share the things they make. So… besides the podcast thread we already have I think there is a place for a Community content OT or something. As long as we centralize it and not create threads for every single content creator.

Go wild with it. You have my blessing.

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I don’t think there would be enough activity individually for a Fortnite, a Warzone, an Epax, a PUBG, a Hyper Scape, etc. thread each, but I’d suggest having a Battle Royale OT, which I’d make myself these days. There’s a lot of overlap between those playerbases so I think it would make sense to have one active OT rather than having 5-6 OTs with a handful of messages each

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I think it depends on your BR title. PUBG, Apex, Hyper Scape, and Fall Guys wouldn’t be able to support an OT individually, but Warzone has 75 million players and Fortnite has over 350 million players (that’s more than the entire US population). I think Fornite could support an OT and Warzone could be part of an overall Modern Warfare OT.

During today’s Forza monthly stream it occurred to me that we are missing a Forza Horizon OT or a general Forza OT. Would there be enough activity for it?

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Can I do an OT for gamescom ONL?

Yes, I’ve discussed this before (post 55) with @plink I’m fine with either a general Forza rumours thread, a Forza Horizon 4 OT and a Forza Motorsport 7 OT.

It’s too early for a Forza Motorsport (8) OT.


I’ve had a FH4 OT on the backburner (I’ve mostly been waiting for the Forza monthly and grinding the Overwatch summer games) for a couple weeks now, but I’m happy to make it a collaborative effort.

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Do we know if an Achievement Hunting OT would gather enough interest around here?


An essential part of Xbox I’d say. Go for it.

( I won’t show op with my pathetic gamerscore, haha)

Sorry! I just realized you replied to this. thank you so much… Im going to think of the best way to organize this into an OT and get back to you!