The next gen consoles dont seem so beastly now!

As you have probably guessed this thread is in response to the new Nvidia 3000 cards. Now while I think both consoles are overall excellent peices of hardware and I understand the logistics and complications of making mass market consoles at a console acceptable price.

Butttttt… despite all that its a little bit of a shame that now the next gen consoles are not close to a high end PC equivilant that people thought they were.

I guess its better then last gen when the consoles were stuck with netbook CPUs and the GPUs back then were still a lot more powerful then the PS4 and x1, the R9 290x was a 5.6tflop gpu which was 3x the power of the PS4.

What exactly do you want? Like seriously. The only possible way a console could ever expect to compete with a freshly released GPU is if they stopped making GPUs for seven years. Come on now, what even is this question.



lolno. Particularly the Xbox

Absolutely not, especially for the price. You wouldn’t get anywhere near Series X’s performance spending 500-600 bucks on a PC. Like, a raytracing-capable card will cost you almost that much to begin with.

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What do you think? Ive already stated what I think lol. Dont understand your hostility.

PC will always be more powerful than consoles due to the nature of PC parts and components getting better year after year. This will not change until console makers are willing to sell a new console every year for $1,000+ and until consumers are willing to pay those prices. So, basically never.

Are the XSX and PS5 underpowered? I mean, I guess compared to what someone could build pretty soon on their own. Are they underpowered for consoles? Lol, no.

Microsoft and Sony should make Powerful $1000 consoles for the hardcore console gamers. The big difference in power between consoles and PCs is the main reason why many console gamers have left console gaming.

I’m joining the PC gaming crowd after today’s Nvidia showing. The consoles don’t even compete with the mid-range cards that are coming out - Ampere is a game changer. With DLSS, I’m genuinely excited at the frame rates that a 3080 is coming with, before games get a lot more advanced. Spent the morning researching and think I can build a pretty great PC that will put the consoles to shame - for $1500 or so. And it will be a lot of fun to do it. Considering a SFF water-cooled build, but need to get some measurements for the 3080 first …

The DF video with Control sealed the deal for me. It isn’t even remotely playable on current-generation consoles. Going to connect the new PC to my projector in the theater room, though I have more audio research to do first

I think it’s a dumb question. Nothing wrong with that. It’s the equivalent to asking if a $25,000 Mustang is underpowered compared to a $100,000 Porsche. Hmm… It very well might be.

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3070 is upper midrange and series x competes with it, they’re in 10-15% difference.

Besides, I’m sure in 5-7 years consoles will have much better performance than these new gpu cards. Just look where are 7850 and 7770 in today’s games compared to ps4 and Xbox one.

So no, next gen consoles are overpowered for consoles. If someone wants the maximum performance possible, then PC was, is and will be the choice.

Hey, that’s technology. As soon as something is released, it immediately becomes surpassed by something else.

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In terms of consoles nope not at all especially on the cpu side

The paradigm for how consoles are made has not changed. It is always a matter of cost versus performance. In the case of next-gen consoles like the Xbox Series X and the PS5, the manufacturers have to weigh the overall cost of producing the device (and by extension the cost that a consumer is willing to pay for the device) versus how much high performance technology they can cram into the device at that established cost. It stands to reason that next-gen can only put so many high tech components in the devices before they become too expensive for a mass audience.

The Xbox Series X and PS5 are leaps and bounds better then the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro in nearly every imaginable way. They are not underpowered, especially when you consider the cost of PC gaming in comparison.

A key difference between the console market and the PC gaming market is that PC gamers are accustomed to paying high prices for the latest graphics cards, expanded RAM, SSD drives, and other upgrades that they will install themselves. This is why the absolute best performance will always be a PC, but you’ll have to pay a handsome price to achieve the highest levels of performance. The console market expects a great piece of tech that requires no further upgrades at a reasonable price.

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This is the 2080 super, if Xbox Series X can beat this then I’m more than OK with it.

Consoles have always been underpowered compared to PCs but the question is whether it is especially so in this upcoming generation.

This next generation is not underpowered compared to previous generations for a couple of reasons: as you’ve mentioned, the previous generation was grossly underpowered due to the fact that Microsoft and Sony felt that they were going in the wrong direction in pushing the graphics envelope after the success of the Wii. The current generation takes this crown easily.

The other reason being that Microsoft and Sony have largely followed the exact same hardware route and needed to push certain aspects of their tech in order to out-do each other. They pushed in areas that go beyond power or effeciency and into price. Their cooling solutions are unorthodox and their effeciencies will exceed what the PC offers for some time. Note how Nvidia claimed that their I/O solution to feed the GPU data from the SSD will require 20X less CPU usage. The new Xbox requires 0% CPU usage due to custom hardware. I expect AMD to implement this on PC in the future but it doesn’t exist at present AFAIK.

So this gen is looking pretty comparable.

The X1 and PS4 had comparable PCs at $450 within 2 years it seemed. The XSX and PS5 will not have comparable PCs at $650 in 2 years.

PC’s will always be stronger. That comes at a cost though. It’s more expensive and often prohibitively so. Think about where the components for consoles come from. They come from PC parts manufacturers. They come from the people that build parts for industry that require far more graphical and computational grunt than gaming. Gaming is a subset of GPU and CPU purchases. It is myopic to think of gaming as the most technically demanding form of computer computation. Steam has data that shows that most PC players are not out there with 2080ti’s. It is expensive but if you can budget for it (and find enough value in it) then a PC will always have that tech advantage over consoles.

Not really when we consider a 20tflop 3070 is $499. And while you might think its a dumb question you could of stated so without the slight rudeness.

That’s just the GPU. A good PSU to support that GPU alone takes a substantial amount of money. Add in SSD and everything else, consoles still give a better bang for your buck.

Yes, I include this in the OP and I aknowledge that both next gen consoles are excellent consoles but i did not expect a new nvidia GPU to have 80% more raster performance and 3x the Raytracing performance of an xsx for just $499.

Underpowered is a very subjective term. Consoles will always be underpowered if you compare it to higher end PCs. But even the terrific new cost-effective gpu lineup from Nvidia cannot compete with consoles on a budget level.

On the contrary, Microsoft has made a tremendous powerplay hardware wise. They have collaborated with Nvidia and the new series of their GPU have fundamentally a lot in common with Xbox series X’s hardware, albeit more powerful. MS’s proprietary DirectX is as influential as ever. This can easily lead to games being optimized for PC and Xbox Series X on the same level.