The New Xbox Experience: Showcase of new unified ecosystem across multiple devices (Series S/X dashboard first look)

Why is MS deemphasizing these features (achievement, leaderboard, tracker)? Are they phasing those out?

And the new Xbox Windows App is lacking so much stuff the previous one had. What are they thinking?

If they end achievements a bunch of people would just jump ship to Playstation, myself included.

Well, I don’t think they are phasing out achievement. That would be really dumb of them, given there are over half of a million users on TrueAchievements, not counting Xbox Achievements, Exophage and millions (?) of videos on YT about achievements. Looks like something they don’t have the interest of upgrading now or maybe the team are not too familiar with. Struggling with XB1 dash since day one and after countless reports and feedback, I always asked myself if the design team really use the dashboard as we, powerusers, do.

I love all the tweaking they have been doing with the guide, and I actually love the “Game” tab and I find it much more useful than the old Achievements tab - and I say that as an achievement hunter.

What I think they do need to improve is the achievements section as a whole, and not in the guide. Separate DLCs, some indication that the base game was completed, etc. And I believe they plan to, since with the last Insider build they started talking about how Achievements are important to them.

Looks good but I would have liked a deep dive. I know it’s very similar but would be nice to see the new features in action.

Looks really clean, I like it.

Hmm. Maybe they’ll combine achievements with game pass rewards? Instead of a token or number added to a larger number we’ll progress towards actual rewards for achievements (game pass subscription or no)? Too deep in the wishful thinking well?

The entire point of a gamerscore is to compete and compare. Not having a score would be the same as removing achievements altogether.

I suppose I should have stated instead of “just” a score. Apologies. I get a bit too broad and shallow on a phone. :grin:

My thought/question of combining them stands; a number with a redeemable reward?

I mean, I don’t really see as much of an issue putting the achievements inside that game tab, once achievements are indeed a game feature (the whole choice of new icons are bad imo, btw). However, they should put everything there, there is enough space to add the leaderboard there, recent achievements, those that I’m tracking, etc, with the use of expansible menus. I mean, if they want consistency them they should center all the features in the guide in a meaningful way. How useless is achievemtb tab if a game is not opened, more than half of the tab space is used by the game image they added. I really liked how they added sorting option to achievemets in the guide, but why can’t I sort them as well on the profile page?

Slightly unrelated I think…

But this talks about the unification of the different apps, including the Xbox app for Windows 10. One of the key features of the original Xbox Companion App is the console streaming feature it has, to my knowledge it’s currently the only way to stream from my Xbox to Windows 10, and is an amazing way to be able to play games when my main TV Is occupied. With the Xbox (beta) app replacing the companion app, has there been any word on this functionality coming to the Xbox (beta) app?

Obviously xCloud plays a factor into this but there has been no word on xCloud (console streaming) coming to Windows 10 yet and I’d be pretty pissed if this function just disappeared.

Maybe, probably not much. Why?

Using 40% less memory? Good stuff.

I just hope the other perf improvements make the dashboard run better on my X1X.

Funny cuz the rounded corners and the new font choice really bring back the NXE feel.

It probably will since it is designed the same way as the new store, which is much faster than the older one on the One X.

About the animated background, we will probably be able to turn it off if needed.

Apha Ring insiders who tried new store said it’s much faster, and this new ui should be close to it, so let’s hope for it. It’s never going to be the same as on series x, nor it should be, but it can be still improved.

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Looks great. Now, bring the 4K to the Dashboard :smiley:

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*Chef Kiss

Looks superb, I’m liking the level of customisation they are offering now. Combined with the higher speed and cleaner look. It’s a winner for me.

I was kind of dreading they wouldn’t do anything with the UI for Series X. This should absolutely glide with the new SSDs.