The New Xbox Experience: Showcase of new unified ecosystem across multiple devices (Series S/X dashboard first look)


As a single-player focused guy, the social connections can go jump off a cliff. :grin: BUT! The 40% reduction in memory use, faster interface, and quick resume/reduced loads have me very excited! I find myself dropping games that are fun and I enjoy but force me to sit through too many or too long of load times outside the initial load. I’m really looking forward to these QOL improvements and getting back in to some of those games!!! :sunglasses:


Ohhh, what my eyes see… Animated backgrounds?? Nice


Time stamp?

Love it, the interface look awesome. This new design language, very classy



No specifics. I’d have to see the “improvements” to believe. So far, they seem to be walking back on many features.

For example, the Xbox App on Windows used to allow users to compare achievements and showed the achievement leaderboard. The new App doesn’t have that and many other features.

I saw a YT video showing the UI currently in alpha, and they moved achievements out of the guide and buried it into the profile, where nobody is going to see it. Is that an improvement?

There are many things in achievements that could be improved, like grouping achievements (allow devs to separate them in any way, like base game and DLC, or single player, multi and DLC, etc), or some achievement for completing a game 100%. No word about it.

As usual, in order to keep the 2020 vibe and the worst next generation transition of all time, we have to guess and dig for information because those companies won’t give it. I am sure some youtuber or leaker is going to go in detail about the new UI long before MS decides to do it. That’s how we get info these days.

I mean… You’re asking for some fairly specific UI information. I don’t think Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo have ever done UI walk-throughs with that level of depth this many months before launch.

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I’m quite excited about all of this!

I love how my experience, that I already love, keeps getting better.

Sure, there were a few one step forward, two step backwards moments in the UX in the past few years, but that is part of fast continuous development!


Is that what I think it is? (full tile customization?)

I’m sorry, but it’s mostly talk and not show. Don’t get me wrong, not hating or whatsoever, but I would love to see actually how fast the dashboard now is, how much faster everything is. Show more of quick resume. Definitely thought this was going to be that kind of video.

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Looks good.

0:18 in the video.

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Always love a fresh paint, looks more customizable than the current one, which is nice. Now they need to bring the animated Halo Infinite Keyart as a background!

I understood that this UI will be available on the current Xbox One consoles as well.

I really love what they are doing here across the board. The visual improvements are great and very clean, along with of course the major speed improvements.

I really like it, especially animated backgrounds as a single point where PlayStation ui was really better than xbox ui. All the other changes are welcome, especially performance related, but personally, animated backgrounds are my favorite.

Wouldn’t animated backgrounds make performance worse?

In fact, it is still in guide, however it is inside of that nonsense controller icon called now “game” , where we can also found some other features inside. It is in the profile as well (with the leaderboard). So now achievements are segmented in two parts, neither of them with the complete feature set, that is a mess.

Achievements section is possibly the most forgotten part of this UI, unfortunately. At this point I would let the trueachievements foks take control of achievement part of that dash, because it seems UIX team doesnt understand the needs of this section.

I posted a feature request on Xbox Insider Reddit asking for achievements overhaul and it got featured as most voted. I already posted that same thing couple of times in the past and every damn time it got featured as well, showing there is a demand for changes.

Just to show how this section is being put apart by the xbox design team, we can’t even have our gameplay hours realibly tracked anymore. It is sad.

Can’t watch the video now. Is this coming to Xbox One?