The Medium is NOT a day 1 Xbox Series X|S launch title (launches on 10th Dec 2020)

This is rather disappointing. Not a long delay beyond what most of us expected, but still a shame. :confused:

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This was kind of obvious when they announced Observer Redux as a launch title.

How so?

lol not that disappointing tbh, especially given this could have easily been delayed to 2021. And November is already stacked as fuck so I think December is a good breather for this title which probably would have went under the radar during launch.

It’s rare a publisher releases two games on the same day? Wouldn’t make much sense. Plus, they probably needed a little extra time for Medium.

Eh, I suppose. It isn’t all that rare for a launch though. It’s a shame the game won’t be here day 1, but a month ain’t a big deal either.

There really isn’t anything that is launch day except Gears Tactics, and updates to older games. Good thing the BC is robust …

Still holding out hope for Ascent and 12 Minutes and Call of the Sea.

The Ascent and the campaign for Crossfire X are the last two games im waiting on for a release date. I do believe that both are 2021 but we’ll see. It’s definitely coming down to the wire. Either way, hoping they get announced before the end of the month.


Forgot about CrossfireX. We have heard basically nothing about it. I am hoping MS is holding it back as a surprise launch title with amazing tech. Both it and Ascent were last listed as 2020 iirc. But neither have been shown off a whole lot lately.

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Yeah, The Ascent hasn’t been shown since being on the cover of Edge magazine if I remember correctly and im thinking the campaign is 2021 but the MP for Crossfire X is launch or very close to it.

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I was thinking the other way around for CrossFireX. I don’t care about MP, but I’m there for Remedy SP!

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Me too. I only care about the campaign but without Halo Infinite MP, im thinking the Crossfire X MP is more likely at this point but we’ll see. Can’t be that much longer until we know for sure.

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The Falconeer


And Yakuza 7, plus a couple huge 3rd party titles.

Its launch window so its fine.

Lots of stuff to play.

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Biggest and best of all, Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Close enough

Assasins Creed Valhalla Falconeer Watch Dogs Legions Dirt 5

Game looks cool, and Game Pass means I’ll definitely give it a shot! With my backlog and Yakuza 7 I doubt I would have had much time to play it before December 10th anyway :grin: