The Making of "Alpha Point" - UE5 Technical Demo by The Coalition


Finally! Lets see…


Gears 6 (or whatever the next title is called) will be lit!


Impressive, but also not as unrealistic as other tech demos from past generations. I really think we’re going to get pretty close to that render ingame in a few years. Gears 6 is going to look insane !

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The reason for this is that this is not a tech demo to show / advertise the capabilities of the engine but to test how the engine can be used and taking advanatge of for real world game development scenarios.

If you look into the findings you see there is a lot to do to get the setup tested to 60 fps. And that is just for XSX. XSS needs even more optimization based on the scenario and capabilities they selected.

In my opinion games actually using what UE5 offers are at least 2 years away. Minimum.


Completely agree. So much of what UE5 provides is driven through the artist creation workflows.

For those not familiar with the timing of that, it happens early on and continues throughout it’s development lifecycle. Yes, they could port existing UE4.x games over to UE5 but they wouldn’t be leveraging that much.

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Really makes me optimistic for next gen.

Its also good that this confirms to me that some people will be surprised by the seriesS

While the series x will be at around 1080 - 1440p internal res, SeriesS should be 720 - 900p internally TSR’d to 1080-1440p

Judging by how good TSR next gen games on SeriesS should have considerable better image quality then first gen seriesS titles.

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Performance is not quite there yet for 60fps games on consoles, but that’s actually very good news as UE4 and 3 in this stage were not even hitting 30fps properly on 360 and Xbone (and both needed significant downgrades from the early demos to even run on the consoles)


UE5 eats those teraflops like it’s nothing huh…I am wondering how much difference in performance we will see between UE5 and say the next iterations of id tech or RE Engine…curious to see on what games that target 60fps with high quality presentation will focus on, what techniques they’ll use and ultimately what cutbacks they will have to make to reach that goal. Interesting times ahead.

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