The King of Fighters XV is coming to Xbox Series X|S in 2022

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After six months of mystery, SNK has finally confirmed that The King of Fighters XV is coming to Xbox Series X|S!

Originally announced last January, the game has received plenty of new trailers in the past few months, but platforms were never confirmed. It was slated for a 2021 release, but it ended up being delayed to 2022 last month.

Xbox fans were apprehensive since the franchise’s last iteration was a PlayStation console exclusive. The last game game of the series to hit Xbox was King of Fighters XIII, which was released for Xbox 360 in 2011 — and was also included on January 2021’s Games with Gold line-up.

The King of Fighters XV is expected to be released during the first quarter of 2022.


Very cool for fans of the series/genre! @Jeans

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Why no X1? It doesn’t make much sense, but yeah, good that it didn’t skip Xbox this time at least.

I wonder why they’re skipping Xbox One but it’s nice to see it coming to Xbox.

Windows 10 as a separate thing smells like a GP day1 or i’m reading too much into it?

That’s the same reading I did.

Sweet! I’ll definitely be checking it out.

Thank you ! Yeah, I’m hyped ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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YES fuck yes. So worried this would be PS exclusive. Thank you SNK. Can’t wait.


The fact that it’s coming to steam and epic dame day suggests there’s 0 chance of it going to gamepass day 1.

Xbox gamepass at best.

Great news! more and more Japanese games on Xbox can only be a good thing! Phil’s trips to Japan bringing the goods! :partying_face:


Don’t play fighting games myself, but good to see this coming to Xbox. Fans of this genre should do well to support this game on release.


So we got Melty Blood and KoF XV.

Not bad.

Why? Does a Game Pass PC deal normally prevent them from being released on the other stores?

Me too : )

The weird exclusion of the Xbox One and inclusion of the MS Windows 10 store are strange… I wonder if this means it wasn’t gonna come to Xbox at all, but then MS personally helped SNK get it on to the platform?

Anyway I figured this was coming, especially after we got Samurai Shodown from them, and especially after it had next gen exclusivity on Series consoles (highly missed GP addition here, because the online is dead)

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That’s good news. All those fighting games going exclusive to PS was getting a bit annoying.

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Am going to guess that SNK signed a cash deal with Sony to keep games off Xbox One consoles.

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Really hope there is crossplay because Xbox lobby may be dead tbh

Series Consoles AND Windows 10 smells like Game Pass to me