The Initiatives new game may have been teased recently, and it’s not the game you are thinking about

I wrote a piece about how we may not see Joanna but instead her mysterious sister Velvet. Give it a read :slight_smile:


Great article!

Velvet Dark… The name reminds me of the Japanese boxart for the first game…

I’d rather have a new kind of Perfect Dark than one that’s like the first two


Man I really should play Perfect Dark 64/Zero…both are on Game Pass

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Cripes I’m so excited for them to announce what they are doing. A logo, a name, a teaser trailer, anything.

Yeah, super interesting stuff. But would have loved to see a longer article with more updates. Klobrille on this forum also teased some new info about the type of game it shall be.

Whoa, that’s such a cool looking box art. It feels slick and borders on feeling horror-esque. I’d love to see the potential Initiative take have box art similar to this!

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The rumours suggest that The Initiative are working with The Collation for the new game. I wonder if some of the aspect of the game are taking from Shangheist or whatever this game demo was.

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OK…I tried playing Perfect Dark Zero on Game Pass and…I don’t think I can do it…the game so unbelievably clunk and dated that I can’t get past the first level. I like the idea of being able to shift into third person cover and the gadgets and hacking are cool but my God that gunplay is bad. Maybe if it was 60 FPS I could bear it but even then there’s no guarantee

Interesting universe, cool character, design, graphics were great for 2005 but…I’ll just wait for a new Perfect Dark to come out. The potential and appeal of the IP are clearly there, just needs to come back modernized in a bang but it definitely could be a staple franchise and Joana can be a character on the same level as Master Chief for sure.

Maybe one day I’ll suck it up and just plow through Perfect Dark and PDZ

PDZ was not a good game. Even for that time, the combat was clunky relative to Halo or COD. It was a Game Cube game canceled and ported to the 360 after Microsoft’s purchase of Rare. That said I liked the ideas it had. The gadgets and jet packs were cool. Just was poorly executed.

The original PD was ahead of it’s time especially considering the fact it was a N64 game game. It was dynamic and offered a lot of ways to play through the same levels and campaign. This is partly what made PDZ so disappointing.

If they could recapture the spirit of the original game, I think there could be something special there. A dynamic cyberpunk spy game offers a lot of potential that they haven’t really swung at since they got hold of the license.

I loved Perfect Dark Zero. The laptop gun that you could just throw onto a wall and it became a turret? Incredible stuff.

I’ve wondered about that too…

PDZ single player was bad. It really shows that only ~25 people worked on the game.

But the MP was a lot of fun. 32-player battles with jetpacks/hovercrafts and Xbox Live was great in 2005-2006.

If there is one PD game to play, it’s the first one.

That nightclub level on PDZ was absolutely amazing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: