Xbox Game Studios |OT| it me you’re looking for?

And better puzzles lol but I totally agree :+1: with you. I hate the whole “xbox needs a superhero game to compete with sony and spiderman” type narrative. This narrative is not helping. Just catching up on this OT and wow has there been alot of this developer should do this or that. Just sit back relax and let the developers create something special on their own accord. Other wise we will turn game development into Hollywood where everyone is to afraid to try something new.

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Joseph Staten worked at Bungie before, he worked on the original trilogy and wrote a Halo novel. After Microsoft and Bungie seperated, he worked on Destiny. After a few years he came back to Microsoft and worked on many Xbox publishing titles such as ReCore and Crackdown 3. His last game at publishing is Tell Me Why, releasing today. He was the producer from Microsoft on this project.


I think Xbox Studios can do both. Have creative freedom, and “Respond” to competition. The proof of this is the creation of The Initiative. A world-class studio in Santa Monica that Xbox / MS calls Studio “AAAA”

Yeah, nobody ask Nintendo to have a game to compete GOW or Flight Simulator.

Just let devs do what they want.


he worked on a lot of Microsoft Publishing games as a Creative Director

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I think it’s important to underline The Initiative never called their own game “AAAA”. They don’t even know what this is supposed to mean.

They are working as a medium-sized start-up studio on an ambitious game with common AAA budget and outsourcing. We’ll hear about it soon. The distribution of the project to the players will be different and not an answer to anything but rather something that’ll make sense especially with Game Pass in mind.


I will never understand this why gears needs to be more like uncharted ? Gears SP current problem are Storytelling, the characters and the new world.

The coalition take on gears isn’t bad it’s good but the world they created is not interesting at all and the same goes for the game enemies Swarm aka Locust 2.0 at least the locust got great character like general Raam.

The new team still bad there is a reason why they brought back old team because the new team can’t carry the game on their own.

Gears 5 would be much better if Kait became the new queen and you play as the queen vs COG or having great enemy character let’s say Atriox version of gears

In my opinion the game needs complete reboot led by Marcus Fenix or a new character

I would add the undead labs to this list, especially if they provide some cinematic campaign for state of decay 3.

My biggest complain on the coalition and gears is that it’s clunky to control, like I’m moving a tank not a person. I’ve played and completed all gears games including judgment (excluding tactics) and I like them, but control wise they’re awful and I just can’t see them in the same way I see other 3rd person games. For example the division is also a shooter but it’s much much better to control and thus, for me, much more enjoyable to play. If gears had the same controls as the division it would probably be much more popular. I wish they separate multi-player and single player, because I think that multi-player (fanbase mainly) is shackling its single player campaign.

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I think Nintendo is already well served with its incredible The Legend Of Zelda BOTW and Super Mario Odyssey and others. highly acclaimed games and TGA competitors. It is obvious that PS and Xbox do not compete directly with Nintendo. PS and xbox yes, and more Stadia and Amazon etc. I think what Xbox Studios needs is QUALITY. And don’t make a blatant copy of GoW or Tlou. They just need to improve Quality. Not only technique but artistic as well. I thought, for example, that the postponement of Halo Infinite to 2021 was very positive. This shows that the Xbox is indeed concerned with Quality.

I’m undoubtedly late to this party, but I saw that Xbox is present at Gamescom today, Sony isn’t. This could have been the opportunity to show off a really cool new big title. Not even necessarily from XGS, but sometbing in the scope of Ryse, SO, DR3.

Even “crazier” why not surprise everyone and have a bit of footage of Everwild, Avowed or Fable? It would go a long way, for me certainly.

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so an episodic game format?

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Nah more like MP element or GAAS element

the teams are not ready and i’m pretty sure they told us about Gamescom plans


Game pass news

Wasteland 3


New destiny 2 Update

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indeed :slight_smile:

So more like something like Hitman, with new locales every month?

Throw us a bone here please! :blush:

Close. But I already said too much. Shouldn’t be too long until we hear something. Should be fun for people that want returning Xbox worlds and kind of new IP at the same time.


Can we create our own character?

How soon? :eyes:


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That’s why support studios are important.