The Initiative: Do the pictures show the new game?

These pictures are all by Eric Persson, Associate Art Director of The Initiative. I would like to speculate with you if you can imagine that these are first concepts for the new game and if so, would you like them?

You can find more pictures on his ArtStation profile:

If it is the game I’d be excited. The last picture looks interesting for sure and the shots of different landscapes look pretty cool

  1. It’s a new IP.
  2. I love big open ancient worlds to explore.

Yes, I also find the setting very interesting. That would be a kind of mix between Assassin’s Creed and Dark Souls.

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I love the Persian aesthetic those concepts have, its a location not explored enough imo.

Imagine if Initiative turned out to be a 2 team studio from the beginning.

Where’s the laptop gun?


Looks super cool

I don’t think anything you find on artstation is going to show a new game.

Those images look amazing and I truly hope they’re from the current game that The Initiative is working on but if not, that’s just a very mean tease. :sob:

This looks awesome but probably not the Initiative game.

I think they aren’t allowed to show any concept art related to The Initiative game.

this looks like a prince of persia

This looks phenomenal!

I sure wouldn’t mind it. But keep in mind, artwork says so very little about a game.

Also, didn’t Jeff Grubb more or less “confirm” that it’s Perfect Dark and it’s third person?

The rumour for quite some time has been that it has something to do with the Perfect Dark Universe.

I’d quite like that!

I wonder if TC is still making the MP portion, Morgoth claimed TC had been experimenting with this and I guess TI would be making the SP portion. We don’t yet know any real details like…is it a SP focused game with MP or actually something else?

Personally I really hope there’s a big focus on SP, especially considering the kind of developers they have been hiring. A third person action adventure/shooter is what I’d love to see from XGS.

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Personally hope it does turn out to be a third person spy game because, let’s face it, Splinter Cell and Deus Ex are MIA, so there is definitely a gap in the market that Microsoft can fulfill.

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These are just concept art. Also the Arabic word in the corner " شمال " means North. I don’t think an American studio would make a big AAA game set in a region they are not familiar with.

If that’s the setting of their game then consider me very excited.

Reminds me of Prince of Persia

Good art, like it a lot. He says it is a personal project:

" Shamal - Environments

Shamal is a personal project, meant to be an action adventure experience in a dark fantasy world inspired by the historical Middle East, influenced by franchises like Conan, Dark Souls, Diablo. The great northern wind brought darkness to the world and shrouded the desert and all its inhabitants in perpetual sandstorms that lasted for months. The starvation and famine that struck the land changed it forever and few managed to survive. In the shadows of the storms, it raised the dead to walk again and after the storms had settled, ancient spirits had been awakened. Destined by their lineage, the heroes of this world are capable of fighting the darkness. Their ancestry has shaped them to take on the challenges that await. Powered with abilities the world has not known since ancient times, they are taking on the task to banish the dark forces from this land."