The Game Awards |OT| GOTY? Who Cares. Give Me Trailers



I predict Nintendo won’t be there this year.


I believe MS to show something else aside from Hellblade 2. They are obviously seeing TGA in a more and more important light ( the unveil of a next-gen console is proof of that ), and it is one of the most watched event of they year, perfect for new announcements.

no they will show a 5 second teaser and the fanbase will make videos about how Nintendo saved an otherwise boring event. :sweat_smile:


There has to be a major Game Pass announcement right?

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This is painfully accurate.


Prediction = HB2 gameplay

Hope = Avowed

Dream = CGI trailer of a cool Superhero IP

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Prediction = Hellblade 2 gameplay, purely because everyone else seems to be convinced it is, CGI trailer for inXile or Compulsions game and some gamepass annoucements

Hope = Avowed gameplay

Dreams = Killer Instinct 2, dont care if its just a logo, do it

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psychonauts 2 shocks the world by taking it all


Killer 007 trailer followed by “only on xbox”


My guesses are Life is Strange True Colors and/or Tales of Arise

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Sony brings 1 or 2 announcements that totally eclipse anything Microsoft brings and I melt down.

so they announce bug snax 2 and you melt down?

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Dragon Age 4 gets an actual trailer
New inXile rpg gets a cinematic trailer
Hellblade 2 gets gameplay
Xbox has a gamepass reel with some big games hitting the service (Sekiro, Fall Guys, Tales of Arise are my guesses)

Damn right!

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Gotta keep people here on their toes. Can’t have them enjoying the Halo campaign and nice holiday now can I? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not really expecting Sekiro. It’s Activision, and they haven’t put a single game of theirs yet on the service. Even Take Two has better history with this.

Fall guys is 2022, and I’m afraid the hype for that game as something of an event is long gone. I wouldn’t be surprised if that game goes f2p rather soon as well, given Epic’s history with both tech and games of studios they purchased.

Tales of Arise would be dope tho.

Already confirmed we won’t see anything for Dragons Age 4 until 2022.

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Dragon’s Dogma 2 though :eyes: