The Game Awards 2020 |OT|

Alright, I’ve had enough of this BS. TGA are blatantly rigged and it’s gotten to the point of being undeniable. We talk about platform bias within the media or Geoff’s predisposition to PlayStation, but the degree in which favoritism is playing out in practice is genuinely disgusting. It makes my stomach churn. We need to seriously consider coming together as a community to push back against this nonsense once and for all. The lack of Battletoads in the GOTY nominations will not be met silence! :frog:

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No Ori 2? No Jedi Fallen Order? :smirk:

Yeah, it and Gears 5 probably shoulda been nominated last year. I have my qualms with those games, but compared to the competition, I think it deserved better.

Well on the bright side, this has been abundantly clear that MS absolutely dominates when it comes to diversity

Ori, Flight Sim, Tell me Why, Minecraft Dungeons, Wasteland, Doom Eternal, Grounded

7 of their IP’s got nominated for awards across like 11 different categories.


Agreed. Gears 5 definitely should have been nominated in 2019. It was my 5th best game of 2019 but the best Xbox exclusive game. It should have been nominated.

Ori 2 rated higher than Doom Eternal, FFVIIR and Tsushima. It should be on the list instead of FF7R because how does an episodic game get nominated? I don’t understand that? It’s not the complete game. SMH. LMAO.

TGA is a joke. SMH.


Just crossed my mind but Microsoft Flight simulator deserved a nod.

I finished Fallen Order last weekend and for me it was a better revenge story and game than TLOU2 which started great but ran out of steam halfway through, but was always going to get a nomination no matter what.

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It got one for best Strategy/Sim

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Yeah this is shit, as always.

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Guess I’ll be voting Animal Crossing.

Doom Eternal - Pretty awesome game, but spent no where near amount of time as AC.

Final fantasy VII Remake - surprised this is even on here. It’s like 1/4th of the game and the ending was just… GRR.

Ghost of Tsushima - Like a piece of art in game form. Delightful, but I rate it lower than Doom.

Hades - Havant played it so I cannot comment.

TLOU2 - Absolutely hated it, and felt it was a narrative downgrade to 1.

I meant for Game of the Year but yeah it definitely should win the Strategy/sim award.

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It got all the nominations it deserved, really. It was fine, but not a stand out game.

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This is a terrible take on Marvel, God of War, and Sony. 3 in 1 sentence.

Perhaps but in a weak 2019, it could have at the very least been on the final 6 list.

Well, that’s not the way it works. And you can say “It should”, but it doesn’t matter. There has to be a cutoff at some point. The Oscars, Grammys, Emmys… they all do it the same way. And the devs know about this too. If it was that important to EA and Respawn, they could have hit that window. But that would be stupid. Know why? Because this shit isn’t that serious and getting this upset over it is crazy.

Everyone please chill out. Yes, Ori got snubbed. But the Game Awards are just a fun time and nice for the industry to give some nods to each other. It’s not THAT serious, guys.

I’m not upset. I don’t even waste my time watching TGA. I wait for the trailers to be posted and that’s it. In general, if you’re doing a yearly awards show, maybe it’s just me, but it should include entire calendar year and be held in February.

Sadly not a chance it ever gets nominated for that. Which itself shows that certain genres get overlooked at these things.

It’s why racing games never get the nod. Not just at this show but a glance at most end of year GOTY discussions and votes from game sites the same rules seem to apply.

And why ‘cinematic’ games are seen as the peak.


I think TLOU2 will win at least 5 awards including game of the year. It really is naughty dogs magnum Opus

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Most nominated publishers here:

It is very nice to see Xbox at second place.

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