The Coalition working on a new IP?

I found something interesting when Phil was talking about idtech. He mentioned The Coalition working with idtech. I don’t think Gears will be taken off Unreal Engine, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was part of the sale of the Gears IP to MS that they have to keep using UE. So if The Coalition is working with idtech it most likely will be something new.

Your thoughts?

Do you think that Gears would ever be taken off UE?

Nothing in those comments Phil said implied that they are working on anything new nor that they will change engines.


And nothing I wrote said that Phil did either. He did talk about The Coalition possibility working with idtech. The rest is my forward looking at possibilities.


The Coalition should venture out with a new IP while working on the next Gears Game, the Coalition can handle it.

I don’t think Phil said anything about IDtech working with The Coalition.

All he said was ID collaborating with The Coalition, 343.

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He just talked about the “shooter” studios being able to collaborate, wouldn’t read too far into it.

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I can’t say either way but I actually don’t like the idea of having the teams move to an engine that they aren’t familiar with.

I also think that Unreal Engine 5 will be the benchmark of the next generation. And when I think about the best developers that flex the engine moreso than most others, I think of two MGS developers.

I think it makes sense for some new projects because the engine could push visuals on DirectX12U more so than Unreal Engine 5 which runs on every platform and is likely customized for each but needs to be a jack of all trades too. But I feel like the game and the engine development need to go hand in hand.

There are a lot of features in UE5 that seem to be leapfrogging every other engine.

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I wonder how dirty microsoft would be willing to play if they did release id tech as a unreal engine competitor, who knows maybe they could make it so the windows 10 OS would only support ray tracing (or an as yet unknown future tech) if the game was using id tech

They could play ridiculously dirty if they wanted, undocumented directx features, more optimized codepaths for internal dev teams, there is so much they could do without doing any single thing that was obvious

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It will be interesting to see if other engines match UE5. Epic has been buying up all the ancillary companies that add benefits to engines to reduce other engines abilities to match UE.

Two of those companies are RAD tools and Quixel megascans. Naninte tech is helped along with high quality texture scans (quixel) and then compression of these high quality textures (RAD).

This is why I said in another thread that Microsoft is the only company capable of, and should, build an opposition engine to unreal. At this point no other company has the base line tech in hand, and the ability to aquire the tech required to progress the engine to match UE.

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Not sure if a new IP per se but @Shpeshal_Nick aided my suspicions that they indeed might have a second team that’s playing with some ideas right now.


The Coallition is over 10 years old now (before they were Microsoft Studios Victoria and Black Tusk) …and Playground got the go ahead to make another team after 6 good years. Will wait and see.

I been saying that Coalition seems competent enough to do 2 IP’s for months but we all know how that dialogue ended up in here.

If true Im glad cause I feel like they need something besides Gears to get some proper recognition as one kf the better teams in the industry.

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I hope so. Love gears but they should do something else

Have a new team make gears with like the Id engine.

I’m sure they’ll launch Gears 6 and take a break from it, maybe they’ll make Gears in another genre, but I’m sure they are suited and ready for more risky ventures.

Maybe the old rumors are true and The Coalition is helping out on Perfect Dark.

How much help does PD need exactly? Initiative is pretty huge.

Early rumors suggested The Coalition was helping with multi player. Also, The Initiative is very small and probably relying a ton on outside help (e.g. Out sourcing)

Now that Zenimax is under Xbox, I actually think Arkane is a faaaaaaaar better studio to help out on Perfect Dark than Coalition. Perfect Dark is more of an immersive parkour spy shooter sim than a cover based bang bang shooter like Gears. And Arkane has been known to work on other people’s ip before, so I think that’d be perfect. They also have experience in making a looot of gadgets in their game. It just makes so much sense.


I agree on the face of it, one thing to consier though is that the coalition is the ‘hired gun’ of xbox first party, doing all sorts of things. For instance they did the console version of pubg. Plus I bet some of the team at the coalition is excited to be working on a different project, just to mix things up a bit

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wait what so you telling me epic wanted 1 billion and demand the IP must UE ? what kind of deal is this ? hell naw that would be stupid decision from MS if true

about the new IP, maybe they want to try something after gears 6, the image will be clear when they release it in 2022-2023. most of their focus on gears 6 now