The Coalition working on a new IP?

Random question.

Is there a way that can we send game ideas to these studios? Lol. Just had an awesome game idea for The Coalition.

I think they ignore stuff like that for lawsuit reasons


Damn, that’s sad I’m sure it would be a hit… I’ll post it here once I gather the idea in a nice understandable manner.

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im sure all these studios have a ton of amazing ideas internally already. Furthermore I’m sure there are some people at xbox who read these forums and would happily run any good suggestions up the ladder

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Ok here we go. Sorry for the long post.

Planet is being overrun by aliens. Humans with a deep connection to AI are used in military coalitions (heh) to hold back and push back the invasion.

Tactical action game.

There’s 3 factions with differing combat approaches and focus.

America based coalition: big hard hitting drones, big weapons, high destruction power, big armor, low numbers.

Drone examples:

Tanks: big guns, ultra high precision, many weapons. Flying: gunships Ramming drones: melee drones with drills and giant swords, rocket hammers, multiple arms… Dirt bikes (can mount)

European coalition: tactical positioning focus, humanoid drones, turtling, high numbers.

Drone examples:

Humanoid: assault, tank, snipers, melee. Animal based: wolves, cheetas, Hawk, insect like. Trap type (slow moving but making sure to lockdown certain points).

Asian coalition: fast movement, flying drones, transforming, laser weaponry, power armor, long range combat, medium numbers.

Drone examples:

Flying jet drones: transforms into hover type High speed wheeled cars: transform into gun platforms. Power armor for main character. Artillery drones: transform into high speed hovering transport for you. (no weapons in this mode)

Every coalition would have its own weapons, tech trees, campaigns and main characters, all unique.

America campaign would be on the desert and canyons.

European campaign would be focused on urban combat with high verticality, inside buildings action.

Asian campaign would be focused on mountains and forests.

The gameplay: third-person, mission based for every campaign, you would have maps and story events happening in that map, like Ace Combat.

Combat system akin to FF7R where you can move freely in real time, change between main character and drones at any time or let the AI do it’s thing.

Can use tactical mode for better positioning and aiming.

You basically start the game at some point in the map, with the drone types you chose and the equipment you chose, you need to scout, gain terrain and advance against the odds from a full army of aliens or bosses. Game is supposed to be hard and you can’t just brute force wins.

Lots of synergy between you and your drones, special tactical moves when close to each other or being able to ride for transport or augment their firepower.

Imagine EDF+Chrome Hounds+Battlefield+Xcom. You can choose your weapons and drones (can customize then too), every campaign is completely unique for every faction. High AI focus, utilizing ML to create some magical moments were your drones just act like you need then to sometimes.

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