UPDATE: (November 23rd, 2021)


The majority of great games got BC. Personally I’m very happy about this project. Over half of my 360 game library is playable on X1/Series.

One great thing about the BC program is that it ignored 360 region locked games. I played Oblivion in Japanese to stack achievements without understanding a single word and without buying a japanese 360 console. :doge:


Does Oblivion hold up? I never played it but i like Fallout 3 and New Vegas a lot.

Fallout 3 got One X enhanced, right? So it’s now 4K/60?

It definitely hold up. Much better quests and RPG skill system than Skyrim. The only broking thing is the leveling system.

Your enemies are leveling with you and you could be very weak late game. If you are planning on playing it as a melee character, put some points early into endurance because the higher endurance you have, the higher HP you will get per Lvl up.

You could also play a stealth archer and put a chameleon spell on you for 100% invisibility and no one will hit you even when you attack them.


Aged like cheese that one

Yes, FPS boost and Auto-HDR are enabled.

Sweet! That should make for a worthy third or so playthrough. I assume the team didn’t have to alter resolution for this like they had to for Fallout 4.

Was hoping JSRF would make the cut, oh well.

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Xbox sent the BC program out with a bang.

I’m only missing a couple games like PGR, Forza Motorsport 4, Condemned 2, Majin and some smaller unknown stuff like Dark Star One. I just keep my 360 to play these once in a while.


I wonder if they’re still pursuing resolution boost for Xbox One games. Haven’t heard anything about that since the initial demo to Digital Foundry and some initial articles about Xbox Series Back Compat.

Majin and the forsaken Kingdom was a great game. Totally forgot about it.

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I hope this the next focus for the BC team.

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I hope with the license restructure Microsoft did a few years ago that Licensing and Legal issues are a thing of the past when it comes to “Backwards Compatibility” on newer generations of Xbox Consoles.


Wow that’s a pretty decent list. Would be great to play through the Max Payne games again for example.

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This is awesome, what’s the backwards compatability team work on now?


Can they please work on an xbox360 emulator for pc so pc can play rare replay lmao

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Salute to the team!

This is like Christmas. RIP wallet. Very happy with this list!

Booted up Fallout 3 and Im near tears. My fav game ever at peak performance.