Tell Me Why review thread

Tell Me Why review thread

Metacritic Xbox One: 80

Metacritic PC: 85

Opencritic: 78

Video reviews

XboxEra 7.8/10 IGN 7/10 GamesRadar 10/10

Other reviews 7/10 7/10 8/10 7.8/10 9/10 Recommended 10/10 7.8/10 4/5 10/10 8/10 10/10


Not much interest in this game around here, it seems? :stuck_out_tongue:

I recommend it very much. There were some slight annoyances and pacing issues, but it’s a great story that you’ll want to play.


Nice review there @SuikerBrood ! I appreciate the spoilers kept to a minimum. I’m a huge fan of the LiS-games so this looks like it’s right up my alley.

Debating whether to start this now or wait for all the episodes…

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Thanks! Each episode is between 2.5 and 3.5 hours long. I think the one week interval makes for a nice oldskool television schedule. I’d say play the first one now. :wink:

I think you’re right, that would be kinda nice. Not used to the episodes being this close to each other, my usual MO is to wait for the entire game to be released before I start, but a week apart I can do. Might even add to the experience.

Tell Me Why ’s first episode, “Homecoming,” took me about three hours to play, and I had to stop after the episode’s surprising ending to take the whole experience in. The first episode’s events weren’t all that intense, but they brought up so many memories of my own life and experiences that I needed a break. I leaned back in my chair and thought about my mom and my sister, and the painful road we’ve travelled to have the often uneasy relationship we have now. I’m not going to say the game made me see their side of our past and present disagreements, but it reminded me how all that complicated, difficult stuff is part of a trans life I’ve worked hard to create. I’m grateful to have this particular experience of my life, even when it hurts a whole lot. I’m excited to see how Tyler navigates his own version of it as Tell Me Why goes on.

Kotaku seems to review them one by one. I thought about that, but as reviewers got all episodes at once I thought it’d be easier to review it all at once.


Happy the game is reviewing well enough. Everything I’ve seen up to now had me worried it would be a boring slog.

Hope it keeps the 80+ Meta

It looks like they nailed representation? I have no personal experience with these sort of things, but I’m very happy to see other people well represented. Videogames is also an excellent medium to put you in someone elses shoes like that, gives a much needed change of perspective.

I really like how they seem to have made it a natural part of the characters and not something being paraded and shoved in front of the camera so to speak.

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Yes, they did a very good job with that. Tyler is a character with multiple layers and he is in no way defined by his sexuality or gender.

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7/10 7/10

Not sure I completely agree with this article. If we don’t like the way The Last of Us 2 portrayed trans characters in video games, and we also dislike the way Tell Me Why does it… Then only the middle ground would be possible?

I’m very interested to hear more from the trans community regarding this game.

I’m one of those people who are tired of walking sim. It’s nice to see Xbox has shown us that their second party support improved.

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Feel like this type of game had almost no hope of getting higher scores than ~80 on MC. The fact it is right up against that ceiling bodes well! :slight_smile:

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The first Life is Strange is one of my favorite games of all time – mainly because I’m a sucker for time travelling stuff and its consequences. It was difficult for me to play though the spin-off, though – mainly because I hate Chloe so much. And I could only play though the first chapter of the second game, since despite its interesting story it had major pacing issues.

With that said, I really enjoyed what I played of Tell Me Why so far. It can be slow at times, sure, but the world seems to be more interesting and even the little things carry a bit of mystery behind. It is also the most beautiful game DontNod has ever developed!

I am also glad that only the first chapter was released today, since I now have time to wrap it up before Wasteland 3 drops. Oh boy, how I love Game Pass!


Sooooo…DontNod on MS acquisition list?

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Really great game from what I’ve played so far.

Dontnod and Asobo are no brainers.

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We would’ve known already by now. :wink:

Opencritic: 80 Metacritic (Xbox One): 79

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Sorry what?