Tango Gamework's John Johanas, director of The Evil Within 2, is working on a a new game that is “the complete opposite of horror”

Tango Gameworks, fresh off of the release of their final Playstation game, is looking to the future as an Xbox Game Studio and have a lot of plans according to Shinji Mikami.

He discusses many aspects of Tango Gameworks with Famitsu, which was transcribed by VGC, including wanting to change the idea that his studio only makes horror games. Mikami doubles down on this idea by sharing details about a new project being lead by John Johanas, director of The Evil Within 2.

Mikami tells Famitsu that “[Johanas] is working on a completely new title that is the complete opposite of horror… It’s a really good game, so keep your eyes peeled.” He also adds in the interview that his goals for Tango Gameworks is for the studio to “produce a masterpiece every ten years. Secondly, we want young people to create new games on their own. We also want to nurture good game creators.”

Many more details were shared by Shinji Mikami in the interview, so make sure to check out the entire article here. It is interesting to hear Mikami discuss his goals and aspirations for Tango as we look toward the future of the studio.

It is clear that he does not want Tango to be defined by horror, and we now know that one of the next big games by the studio is not at all in the genre. There also seems to be a want to nurture the next generation of game developers, who will hopefully carry on the legacy of the studio for the foreseeable future. The next few years of the studios will be intriguing to follow, and we cannot wait to see what the studio produces under the Xbox umbrella.


He’s been working on that game, whatever it is, for a few years now. Hopefully we see it at E3.


I cant wait to see it. A little disappointed to hear it aint ew3. But you know anything tango puts out thus far seems interesting so im excited

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As someone who isn’t that into horror games, this makes me very happy.

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Well that’s…incredibly disappointing

Tango were one of the few devs left still doing action horror that wasn’t run away hide in a locker nonsense


I really wonder what genre he’s taking on then.

Obviously about a hardcore hugging and kissing farming game. Kill them with kindness.

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Lmao, imagine that and imagine the reaction to that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would Tango ever make an RPG?

Oh well…the TEW3 dream is dead I guess. I don’t think that we are going to see it anytime soon (if we ever get it that is). I guess a TEW3 with a big budget was too good to be true.

Either way I am very excited to see the Johanas directed game and of course their future projects as well under MS. I hope we get a stylish action game or a colorful 3D platformer/action-adventure game from them…both are possible candidates since they are the complete opposite of survival horror I guess. Mikami-san should make a deal with Sega for Vanquish 2, it’s not gonna happen but let me dream. :stuck_out_tongue: :gimme:


I wonder if his game is AAA or one of the smaller games. I am leaning towards AAA while other teams, new hires work on the smaller stuff.

It certainly would be interesting to see this. But a action adventure could be nice too.

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Why not ? Even RGG studio turned Yakuza into a RPG.

Since Johanas already directed a big project I’d guess that this one will also be a bigger production. From the interview it seems that Mikami wants to encourage newer developers to work on smaller games before going AAA which makes sense.

Sure, why not? could be cool to see an action RPG from them. Mikami worked on different genres in his career so he probably wants to apply this philosophy on Tango as well. As much as I love the TEW games and horror games in general this might be for the best in terms of creativity, I am pretty sure that not everyone in Tango wants to make horror games.

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Moving away from big games ? ok I can see why , but moving away from horror ? this sucks . I was really looking forward to what the father of survival horror genre in games would make under MS .


I’m definitely excited for something new by the guy.

But at the same time I’m like…damn. Horror already is a genre that really isn’t overcrowding gaming and with RE being very popular again and what not it’s also somewhat of a unfortunate decision. Conflicting thoughts I guess.

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I get what you mean, the genre is in a (kind of) rise in popularity lately with Resident Evil doing good again plus we are gonna get 3 more big games from that genre with Dead Space Remake, Alan Wake 2 and The Callisto Protocol in the next 2 years. Maybe it could’ve been a good period for a new TEW as well if those games end up doing well sales wise.

I think Mikami was disappointed that both TEW games didn’t do particularly good both in terms of critical and commercial success (they deserved much much better IMO) so maybe this is why he is turning away from the genre, hopefully Tango will return to survival horror sometime in the future.

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As someone who prefers The Evil Within 1 and 2 over Resident Evil VII and VIII, this is very disappointing as I was hoping for Johanas to be leading The Evil Within 3. Will wait and see what his next game ends up being but im really hoping for it to be a third person game. If not, then all of Bethesda is strictly first person with a third person camera option for BGS games.

Really hoping that Dead Space Remake, Alan Wake 2 and Callisto Protocol nail survival horror so at least I will have a returning franchise, a new franchise and a franchise that’s being turned into survival horror with the sequel.


It’s definitely a huge shame that those games didn’t sell too great. That reminds me of Arkane too, Prey didn’t do too great which is so damn sad. I just hope it hasn’t destroyed the Passion from the team to make a sequel. It’s clear by the ending of the game that a sequel absolutely was planned. Hope those setbacks haven’t ruined their drive to make games like Prey and Dishonored.

Maybe the new game is a souls like

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ain’t it, imho

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