Tango Gamework's John Johanas, director of The Evil Within 2, is working on a a new game that is “the complete opposite of horror”

well Tangos games havn’t been recieved well critically so why not try something else.

character action game, let’s goooooooo

Tango recently hired the Bayonetta 3 lead game designer which could possibly give us a hint on what type of games they want to make


UUUUUUUHHHHHHH WELLL, they did right now

TEW2 was received well.

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It’s at 76% on metacritic…and the first is at 75% so I guess that Mikami and Bethesda weren’t too happy with the scores, especially after also not doing well in sales.

They deserved so much better, sadly the technical shortcomings of the first game (though the sequel was much better in that aspect) and the lack of polish when compared to a series like Resident Evil affected the scores too much when the game underneath is amazing, the sequel was much more polished and while not as good as the first game it was still great but for some reason the reviews were all over the place.

Chapter 4 is a good example of the mixed reception…if the second game came out today maybe it would’ve been received better by the critics.

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TEW 2 was awesome, but I can see why it didn’t score that high. The villains were just kind of forgettable.

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It reminds me of when Miyazaki said he wanted to make something different from the Dark Souls games every now and then. When From had worked on Sekiro they were also working on Déraciné, and Miyazaki said it was a nice, fresh change of pace for the studio.

I could imagine this might be something similar with Tango.

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Branching off from what you’re known gif can lead to great things. Heck some of the most popular franchises were studios getting out of comfort zone. Anyways I’m interested to see what they create

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Creative freedom. But I guess we should force them to do our demand only.


IT runs at 60FPS and looks way better on series X. Much better way to play the game