Tales of Arise - Release Date Trailer (September 10th)


Latest trailer for the upcoming Tales of Arise.

7 minutes of gameplay (Japanese)

Anyone else looking forward to this upcoming JRPG?

Hopefully it is as good as Vesperia or Symphonia, those 2 are my faves.


I’m usually down for a new JRPG :grin:

I really didn’t like the most recent Tales of game I played though (Berseria). Hope it’s more like Vesperia and Symphonia, like you said. Ideally Phantasia :older_man:


Highly doubt you’re going to get your side scrolling combat you old fart :wink: haha

Tbh, I only ever played emulation of phantasia, don’t think it got a release in the UK (could be wrong, but I’m sure I played fan translated snes emulation) I could be mixing the game up with another tales though. XD

Sounds like you have the right one in mind (that SNES fan translation is infamous for wildly changing a line and making it salacious)

I recently played a bit of Vesperia again for a game pass quest and was sad at how clunky it felt. Makes me afraid to revisit these games I hold in such high esteem :sweat_smile: Hopefully Arise will be able to keep the experience modern and fresh without sacrificing too much…charm? I’m not really sure what I found lacking in Berseria. It felt kinda samey and I didn’t like any of the characters except for one.

That is a fine release date!

But man oh man, am I going to use the Japanese voices option because this English stuff is just…nawww man!

I kinda wish they had shown more of the area that the first trailer and screenshots showed, that looked beautiful.

Tales of Arise really caught my eye when revealed at E3. Will be my first entry in the series.

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A Series X/S version is amazing news! Do we know if it’s Smart Delivery? Because the EU collectors edition doesn’t seem to suggest so…

Weird if it’s not because Scarlet Nexus is.

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OK, I haven’t been looking at anything because I don’t love trailers and like being surprised but I am HERE for Hootle.

Definitely interested. I enjoyed Vesperia and Berseria a lot.

[quote=“SpiderLink, post:4, topic:7004”]

Sounds like you have the right one in mind (that SNES fan translation is infamous for wildly changing a line and making it salacious)


I remember being impressed by the song in the intro on the snes emulation haha.

& what line? :stuck_out_tongue:

Last tales off game I played was on the vita, I really tried to force myself through it before dropping odd sadly, tales of hearts r I think it was called.

I have a sealed copy of Vesperia remaster on my shelf, I worry it won’t be as good as I rememner now XD

Oh damn, series x is a separate sku, guess I best cancel my preorder from 2019 D:

Guess i won’t be getting that for £49.99 anymore, RIP. XD

Edit, qouted the wrong person, because I’m an idiot lol

Ok, I’m satisfied now. This looks dope. Day one purchase for me. Very happy that they now have a Series X|S version as well.



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I DONT need it

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Will pick this up, if it is a solid 60fps. I’m interested to see how it reviews

Even old gen tales are 60. For battle that is. No way this isn’t 60 on series x.

Anyway this is my most anticipated game this year. Scarlett is an unknown. Tales has been great recently.

Oh wow, that is wild haha. Never expected that :o

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Never played a tales game. Probably going to check this out. Gameplay video is a much better showing than the cinematic trailer imo.


Pre-order page is up on the Microsoft Store. It does not seem to support Smart Delivery as there is a separate page for each version, but both seem to be included in the purchase.


So save files will presumably not move back and forth between the two versions? :confused: