Tales of Arise is upon us. Reviews are out

Several new video previews have been released. Were you disappointed at the lack of jrpg news from e3? Well don’t worry this game looks to be the best one in years. Coming to Xbox one and series x September. Easily my most anticipated for xbox this year.

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Yeah, counterpicking this in the Fantasy Critic game was a big mistake. Lol.

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On the contrary, picking it was the perfect choice for me.

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Game looks so beautiful. I’m not the biggest Tales fan (I’ve only played Vesperia) but I’m all in on this game.

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It looks great. I can’t decide whether to grab this game at release or wait until later for discounts. I may decide based on whether or not there’s a MS Rewards punchcard.


It looks beautiful and the gameplay is so good. Watched lots of previews. I’m pleased with what I saw. It is a Day One Ultilate Edition for me Gamepass or not. Loved Tales Of Vesperia and now onto this one.

Bandai Namco is on a roll with Scarlet Nexus, Tales Of Arise & Elden Ring. It is good to see Japanese games coming back on Xbox. It was really needed.

I’m getting the Physical copy day one

I know both XB1 and XSX versions come with the purchase but is it cross-save? I need to be able to move between XB1 and Series X consoles…

Yeah all smart delivery game are.

EDIT: Not 100% confirmed Arise has Smart Delivery. But i’m convinced it will be. If not Devs would come out and say like Activision with Tony hawk.

I will probably buy this. I’m going to need a JRPG after I finish FFVII Intergrade …

Demo is out tomorrow. However I’m hearing you can play it if you change region to New Zealand.

Share your thoughts on the demo for those who will play it. I’ll check it out when I’m home.


Let’s fucking goooooooo! I’ll eat my Subway sandwich, then it’s doggy walk time and then it’s time for some JRPG’ing!

The game is gorgeous looking, and the battles control as fluidly as ever. Though I think they may have buffed enemy HP a little bit for the demo, for practicing combo purposes? Other than that it’s a pretty typical JRPG demo, where you get information overload (main game will slowly introduce these mechanics, I would say) and just get tossed right in the middle of the story (understandable). As an already Tales fan, the demo is great, however.


Alphen seems like an outgoing and kinda goofy guy lol. I was expecting him to be kinda brooding or something from his design.

Finished the demo. It ends on a pretty difficult boss, but I pulled through.

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Was able to try the demo without changing time zones. Did a quick battle and came away pretty impressed. Looks great, and handles well. Still a bit early to tell, but tentatively, this went from a maybe to a probably for me!

Changing between prioritize graphics or performance doesn’t seem to change much, not at first glance. Framerate is rock solid 60fps on both, lovely.

Correction. I see a difference in clarity on the foliage and in graphics mode I can now see the framerate dropping slightly here and there.

Artificially making the enemy have more HP for a demo is a good thing. There’s plenty of content in this demo with a bunch of characters to control. Can’t wait to play it

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Playing the demo and loving it. It was already a Day One for me but the demo solidified my decision even more. Ultimate Edition it is.

The music, the atmosphere, the characters interactions the gameplay super fluid and smooth.

The game is absolutely gorgeous! A painting. Really sharp on my screen.

Yeah it looks really good. Seems the performance mode is definitely somewhere in the 4K range. The framerate is very solid here and it’s probably the mode to go for when it releases.

Cant wait to play demo, i have ultimate preirdered. There was a japanese commercial released that alludes to romance in the story. I hope so…bandai wiith scarlet nexus and now arise has been awesome.:heart::heart_eyes: