Tales of Arise is upon us. Reviews are out

Yep both modes are good but as for me I always prioritize performance especially in this kind of game. Really satisfied with the demo.

That’s how you sell a game. It’s a shame we don’t have much more demos of other games like in the past. It would help greatly improving the perception and help peiple making purchase decisions.

Anyway, I go back to the demo trying all the other characters…

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The trailer you get for beating the demo with Alphen also hints at romance

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the game looks gorgeous, just sad there’s no PC demo for me to check out lol.

Played it, thought it was really great and had fun. The game’s artstyle really shine and those skits at the camp are pretty funny too. I was already planning on getting the game day one, but this demo just further reinforces that. I’ll need to get used to some of these mechanics but I assume it’ll be much better in the full game where they are introduced one-by-one rather than all piled on you. Also, the music is fire. Looking forward to the full game and soundtrack.

@SpiderLink, since you asked.

Yeah, I had the same thought regarding Alphen.

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Fucking hell. Do I just suck or is that Angry Charger swine beast not easy at all? All monsters in the area were fine but this dude wiped my whole team out.

lmfao I was watching this guy Arekkz Gaming play through this and just watched him beat the charging beast lol.

See if you can find any tactics or approaches here that can help you


Nah, it’s not you, it’s supposed to be hard. Didn’t beat it but you get some pretty good rewards if you do.

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Nice! Appreciate it!

But he isn’t the final beast before the demo ends, right or is this him? :slight_smile:

It’s a different beast that’s the final fight of the demo.

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maaan, I just don’t understand how this doesn’t have co-op. Scarlet Nexus didn’t either, wouldn’t be surprised if most other JRPGs like this don’t either. It just fits perfectly in this game yet it’s not present.


Can’t wait.

Crazy to think we got back-to-back Tales of games.

We had Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition which played more like a traditional action JRPG, and then this which seems to be a little different.

Finally get to experience that “every Tales game is different” flavor people have been talking about.

Would it be worth it to start and finish Vesperia before Arise, or do Arise then go to Vesperia since they’re so different?

Tales of games usually had co-op which added a unique element to it. Unfortunately this one doesn’t which some fans are mad about, but I can live without it.

I can definitely see this being fun with another player, but alas. But at least Elden Ring seems to have a proper co-op option, it seems to be more fleshed out than previous Souls games by the looks of it.

I’m sorry but Kisara…

:flushed: :point_right: :point_left:


Do we know if any stuff carries over into the main game?

I don’t know for sure but I’m going to say no. Nothing carried over from Scarlet Nexus’ demo aside from a few items you got as a bonus for playing the demo.

Ah good call using that as precedent. Thanks, Fox!

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I’m playing as the last character but I don’t see him in the cutscenes, is this because Alphen and the sniper lady are the leads?

This might be an early part of the game where you only have Alphen and Shionne, but for demo purposes you are given the full party.

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That opening area with the music and visuals. HOLY SHIT. Stunning.

What wasn’t stunning was the horrible default controls. Changed the RB attack to X right away. This isn’t dark souls.

Game is great so far. But the texture Pop ins are awful.