Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Official Reveal Trailer -- "Alpha Target"


Set in the Arkham universe.


Ehh, not really feeling it. I was feeling Gotham Knights earlier but this…

  1. Really?!? Another case of mind controlled Superman (this time courtesy of Braniac)

  2. It is giving me major Overwatch vibes. Not just the palette, but the tone & movement (Captain Juniorrang reminds me of Tracer)

Need to see way more because for now I don’t know much more than what we already knew or speculated about.

Want to see real gameplay. Stop with these pseudo in engine trailers and bad jokes with too much blabla it is annoying in fact. Show the damn game and how it plays…


It is only coming in 2022, so I understand the lack of gameplay for now.


I found Gotham amazing, but this? Ehhhh not very exciting for me.


I know but even 2 or 3 min of gameplay won’t hurt like what was done with Gotham Knights. At least some gameplay in some capacity.

Personally, I really didn’t like the long talk and hyping stuff with nothing to show.

For me to sell me on a game announcement and generate interest you must show the real thing, how it plays it will speak for istelf then later you can add additional infos to complement.

Holy shit, it’s a modern day Brute Force! image


Not sold on this yet I am on Gotham Knights so far

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Why would they not release a 4K trailer for this one?

The trailer looks very nice to me, but it doesn’t show what exactly the game is. Nonetheless, I trust Rocksteady. They basically took the super heroes games to a whole new level.


They did an interview afterwards.

Suicide Squad details:

1-4 Players co-op. King Shark, Harley, Deadshot, Boomerang. Part shooter, part Arkham-style game. Open-world Metropolis. Trying to kill Superman. Who seems bad now. There’s always 4 characters. Bots fill up your team. Like Brute Force. It IS in the Arkhamverse. 2022.


This is pretty much how I feel after seeing the ending -

(Unless this is a prequel) Both games today have a dead Batman but they take place in different universes :laughing:.

I’m digging it, I have confidence in Rocksteady and it already looks way better than Avengers.

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You REALLY don’t like that Avengers game, eh?

I strongly dislike the MCU in general and Avengers looks like the MCU puked out a video game. It reminds me of those Transformer games. Not the good ones like War/Fall Cybertron but the ones that were based off the Michael Bay movies

Sorry you feel that way :roll_eyes:

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So this has been confirmed in engine?

Also with these next gen games being announced with no “xbox series s” at the end makes me wonder if series S is still a go.

I got a very strong sunset overdrive vibe from this. Especially the monster design and color palette. If they have the same tone I’d totally be down. I’m sad we’ll never see a sunset overdrive 2, unless Sony wants to greenlight it I guess.

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