Street Fighter 6 Hype

Rumor is SF6 is going to be shown Monday. I am looking forward to its return to Xbox. Will be there Day 1.


Even though I’m bad at fighting games, I really love the Street Fighter series. Very nostalgic for me, especially the classic characters. I was sad when 5 didn’t hit Xbox though it was the first game I bought when I finally got a PS4. Hoping it doesn’t skip Xbox again!


Cant see that happening again. If it does…even though i am a die hard fan i will be done with the series.

I like 3D fighters more, but I will definitely see what they changed for this iteration.

But I’m still waiting for a new Dead or Alive. 6 was disappointing unfortunately, but overall it’s my favorite fighting series.


I’m always up for a new SF!

Do hope Rose is in the standard roster, one of the few characters I could stand a chance with online.

I hope for a new doa as well :slight_smile:

No hype. It feels that after SF5 it has kinda declined.

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You mean SF2?

Yeah I’m old


I thought SF4 kinda revitalized it? As I remember SF4 launch was a big deal or something.

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I wonder what the art style will be. Let’s face it, it is going to be different then V’s (like every new numbered SF), but, how different is what I’m wondering. Is going to be more realistic? More cartoonish? Sock puppets?!? It is probably the biggest question I have right now. One thing I can say with (almost) absolute certainty is that it won’t be like GG. Too hard to dish out all of the alt costumes Capcom will want to sell.

Maybe it did, I checked out at 3. Maybe I’ll take a look

IIRC, Super Street Fighter IV was the big one.

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It is kind of surreal that, for such a storied series, NONE of the Street Fighters after II managed to outsell it.

OG SFIV sold more than twice as much as Super. But I will agree that, in the competitive scene, Super is what set it off. OG IV was just too imbalanced.

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Even SF4? Hm.

Yep! Sorry about that, meant that was the big one for the fighting fans and core crowd.

Really hoping Street Fighter VI is crazy good from the get go and not in need of a re-release or years of content buildup.


Not even close. Not counting all version of II, the SNES version sold 6.3 million copies. OG IV sold 3.4 million, I believe. IV on the whole sold 7.9 million. While as II on the whole sold north of 14 million copies… in the '90s.

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Seriously agree with you on VI. I need the late 2000s SF Mania back.

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I think SF5 sold close to SF2. But it had a huge installbase of PS4 support and also PC.

I guess potentially SF6 has some chances to reach 6m at least. In time.

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Outside of the last two Injustice and MK games, I haven’t played a fighting game since Super Street Fighter 2 on 3DO back in the mid-90’s. Simply not into fighting games anymore and that includes the NetherRealm games.

Was hoping Monday would be a reveal for REmake4 instead but oh well. In due time, I guess.