Strange dust residue on Xbox Series X 😯

So, Im in my living room only lit by a lamp, my usb stick plugged into my seriesX is playing up so I go to do the old plug out, plug in, i whip out a flashlight I had in my pocket so I could see, when I shon the light at my seriesX I noticed it was very dusty, but not your typical even layer of dust that collects on my router, switch, external hard drive etc, the dust on my seriesX looked like residue from dried salt water and it did not come off easily when wiping it with a finger, it came of easy enough with microfibre cloth but with a couple of wipes instead of just one wipe.

Also note that I only noticed this when shining a flashlight on it in a dimly lit room.

Could anyone with seriesX and a flashlight dim the rooms light and take a look to see if its the same?


You can still see what I mean on the interior of the vent holes.

Hmm… just checked mine and there is just regular dust inside the holes, not any kind of residue. I’m not really sure what it could be.

I just took a picture with and without flash. The flash makes it look way worse than it actually is. Have in mind that I never took the dust off the holes because I never thought about that lol

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I have been cutting tiles but that was in the laundry room, doors where closed and my other devices where not effected in the same way, luckily the internals and the fan blades looked clean.

Im starting to think ms cheaper out on the plastic used, I will monitor bthe situation, but other plastics have not reacted this way.

Heres a pic with the main room light switched in and no flash

Yeah, mine definitely doesn’t look like that – and I live in a place that gathers lots of dust!

Sorry I can’t be of any help

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The only explanation is that maybe it reacted bad to glass cleaner residue on the microfibre cloth I used to due the dusting. Not A giant issue at the moment, but will keep an eye on it because build up like that cant be good.

The Series X top can get really warm at times. Chances are that any residue left there might have melted. Not sure if the glass cleaner itself could have something to do it, but maybe there is something in the formula that could have done it. I really don’t know.

I personally don’t think Microsoft have cheaped out with the quality of the material because the console feels very premium overall, and I have not seen anyone else reporting something like this.


It feels premium, but the plastic does attracked dust more then the 1X, but id rather they save money there then elsewhere. Thanks for taking the time to try and help me solve this mystery.


I looked at mine and there’s barely any dust on the top and what is there is normal dust.


Um…that definitely has nothing to do with your console.

Some of that stuff is attached to the plastic and dangling off. That’s something going on in your house causing that I suspect.

You use an air purifier or anything like that? Or a vaporiser? Maybe that with the combo of you cutting the tiles is causing a reaction in the air to cause that.


If its an issue with the house, I wonder why the other black plastics of my router, external hard drive, switch ,TV are bot effected in the same way?

Chemical reaction?

I wish these things came with cleaning instructions…

I dust around there about 1-2 times every 2weeks, come to think of it i would of used very little glass cleaner on the seriesX and I didnt spray any directly on the seriesX, the cloth may of been a tiny bit damp from when I was wiping the media centre, im just jumping to conclusions because its a mystery, my glass cleaner is mainly alcohol and evaporates quickly and the glass cleaner would of not got in the interior of the top vent holes, ive also done cleaning professionaly and never had this happen before, so logic would dictate that the reason why this has happened lies with the seriesX.

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It looks like a similar pattern to what Lifeforms is seeing, but in your case it’s simply dust. So likely the place where you can expect to find deposits, which is pretty interesting.

@LifeForms maybe try scraping some off with a toothpick and while I’m not saying a taste test is the best way to go about it…maybe it’ll give you a clue as to what it is. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

From the sounds of it you don’t have any plugin scent devices, humidifiers, no kitchen nearby, use any special carpet cleaners… correct?

I figure your other machines won’t have the same obvious deposits on the outside because the XSX looks to leverage its shape for suction. You might find these deposits inside those other machines because they don’t suck as much air. Try looking at their fans to see if it’s on their backside.

Photo taken without flash. When I use my phone flashlight on it I definitely see dust around all the holes though.

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indoor humidity?

My xbox is in the living room, my kitchen is behind two doors, dust dows seem to accumulate quite quickly but it does in other houses too, ive got most of it off with cotton buds however around the top vents when shinung bright torchlight you can see the natural different color of the plastic. Im just going to monitor the situation and to be fair I never would of noticed if I did shine flash light at it lol.

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You’re right about how it looks though. Almost like mineral deposits?