Steam Deck (Handheld) Revealed


Oh shit.

Wow, that’s looking pretty sleek. I like the paddles. It would be great if this supported Xcloud.

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I really didn’t expect this. Can’t wait for people to get this and do some performance testing.


How are those specs? It’s been like 15 years since I last paid attention to that stuff.

It doesn’t look really comfortable to be honest. Also can you do the same stuff you can do on a PC, or is it just limited to running Steam ?

It seems to run STEAMOS. So take your library is relative. I wouldn’t expect MS games beyond streaming Xcloud through a browser if one’s available.


Shame. It says that it runs on some kind of Linux, I think. Would be very interested if I could access my Xbox library too, but I guess I don’t NEED another 500~ gaming device.

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So this is a full handheld PC, not a streaming device? But games that run on Windows wouldn’t necessarily all run on this?

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Via Proton, it may be possible.

Basically. But I found out there’s this thing called Steam Proton that converts Windows games to Linux? I’m not 100% sure. I’m not sure what MS will allow as well. Sea of Thieves works on it, Forza doesn’t easily.

The B button couldn’t be any closer to the edge lol…

Was not expecting this - I’ll be keeping an eye out! I don’t have a gaming PC at the moment (haven’t in years) but I do have a Steam library and have always wanted to get back into it. This may be an option for me, seeing as it can also be docked to a bigger display, to get into some casual PC gaming.

I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on it. Man it looks like the Game Gear…


U can run desktop mode and install third party stuff on it.

Already sounds too complicated for me to bother with tbh. :laughing: I’ll stick with my consoles.

And 64 GB of storage? So you can hold one AAA game at a time? I’m a little confused by this device if it wasn’t already obvious lol.

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Could this also run Game Pass? Stream through browser?

wait so xcloud will work on steamdeck

Between this and xCloud… Yeah, I’m retiring the Switch lol.

There are 3 sizes. I just shared all of that above.

This is something I always wanted from Microsoft. But this looks very uncomfortable (looking at you B button) and I will wait for the second generation.