Stealth Games! Favourites? Best? Discuss 🥚

Whether it’s a iconic game like Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon or Theif. What’s been some of your favourites along your gaming history? What’s the best in your opinion? What in your opinion is the current gen stealth game that Xbox Series X has to offer.

Keep it friendly :grin: just discussing personal opinions.

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Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow MP. I adored it. Bring it back.


Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory are my two favorites, I’d also add Dishonored 2 in there as well which might be an immersive sim but doing a no powers/non-lethal/no alarms playthrough on Hard difficulty is a god-tier stealth experience (level design in that game is probably the best ever in a game IMO). Also another great stealth game that isn’t mentioned as much is Mark of the Ninja, really loved that game…too bad we never got a sequel.

About an Xbox 1st party stealth game…I guess Perfect Dark may have some stealth elements in it’s gameplay, other than that I don’t think there is a stealth game in development (at least that we know of so far).


I never played MGS but for me it’s Splinter Cell, especially the first one. Proper stealth requirements across a huge variety of levels was just perfection.

I didn’t really enoy Thief from 2014 but I did appreciate that you could play through it without being seen or directly killing anyone.

I actually find myself playing stealthily on many games these days, I did so for Fallout 4 and when I get to Starfield I intend to get a silenced sniper and play as steathily as it will allow :smiley:

As a bit of an alternative I’d recommend Ghost of a Tale - it’s a short stealth game with almost no combat and doesn’t actually you to play in a non-stealth way.


Pure stealth: Splinter Cell Chaos Theory is still unbeaten.

Action stealth: Dishonored, Deus Ex HR/MD, TLoU P.2


I’ll put the Arkane games here :

  • Dishonored 1, 2 & Outsider
  • Deathloop
  • Prey (yes technically a FPS)

I know these aren’t all current gen but they are fantastic and playable on the X/S.

Then Hitman, A Plague Tale 1 & 2, The Last of Us 1 & 2, Assassins Creeds (older titles are better).

I’d also suggest Deus Ex and Tenchu if you don’t mind older titles.


Don’t want to repeat mentioned games so I suggest Thief 1 and if you want something different play Shadow Tactics. The latter is also on Xbox. Highly recommended

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I haven’t played the recent sequel but Ghostrunner was pretty awesome too.

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Being able to lurk through caves and dungeons to take down enemies with a dagger or from afar with a bow will never stop being satisfying for me. Also, being able to sneak around a town and break into shops to steal all of their goods is an experience that is unmatched by any other game.


If you really want to full stealth in an Elder Scrolls game play Oblivion.

  • Get illusion high enough that you can cast chameleon

  • enchanted equipment pieces to get 100% chameleon

  • you are now completely invisible, can punch everyone and nobody will react. That’s true stealth


Love stealth in Deus Ex HR and MD, but my favorite has to be Dishonored. Absolutely brutal. But really any game where you can go through the entire story without being seen should qualify imo.


Lol, I totally did that back in the day. :smile:


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I’m not particularly big on stealth games, Im more of a blunt instrument/chaos/Leroy Jenkins man. But I would say the OG Xbox Splinter Cell games and MGS on PS1.


Splinter Cell Conviction for me followed by Metal Gear Solid.

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So gooood! I really hope the rebooted series has that same feeling. Hard core stealth Games are sorely missed. I don’t think it will though as they probably want to cater to a bigger audience which is okay, I’m sure it’ll be a good game.

I hadn’t yet played MGS when I was gaming back then but I did love Splinter Cell. I believe I played that one, unsure. I wasn’t in the know with gaming back then.

That sounds really fun actually, might try that style of gameplay on my next playthrough. I hope Dishonoured 3 is planed. That’s a rich universe with fun gameplay. Can’t sleep on it.

Mark of the ninja! Currently playing it because @Shpeshal_Nick recommended it and it’s so good! It being 2D actually adds to the pure fun you get out of one of the best stealth Games I’ve played and Ive barely started it. I think you get powers? It seems to be indicating that in the story. Mission 3 I believe :slight_smile:

Perfect Dark is most definitely on my Rader for stealth. I never played the original game so I don’t know what to expect.

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Yeah Thief was good if I recall. I wonder how it plays on current gen. FPS boosted perhaps?

Sounds like me :rofl: I often do stealth archer/sniper for Bethesda games. Weirdly enough I haven’t tried stealth sniper on StarField yet, I’ve heard it’s OP. I’ll check out the mechanics on my next playthrough, maybe when it’s been updated more. I can wait :slight_smile:

Ghost of the tale? Is that’s 2D? Stealth forced? Sounds kind of cool.

Yeah can’t argue with that list, iconic AF. TLOU P2 is stealth? I saw it had the mechanics but can it be played in mostly stealth? Outside of forced combat.

Damn you are a big fan of stealth! Awesome go see it popular.

Prey is most definitely stealth, it’s so good too! I hope for a sequel.

I’ve still yet to play hitman which is stupid because I own the trilogy on current gen :rofl: busy life, massive backlog *sigh

I still haven’t finished plague tale, I was playing it and I didn’t get to finish it in time before it was taken off GP. I’ll have to buy it when I can spare the change one day, it looks so good! Story was very enjoyable too.

Yes! Assassin’s Creed is old school stealth, but personally Unity is slept on for stealth. Hands down best stealth game in the AC series IMO.

Tenchu!!! Loved it! I still hope for a reboot, I think ninja games would be a genre that’s really missed amongst the stealth fans.

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