Stealth Games! Favourites? Best? Discuss 🥚

I played the demo of shadow tactics. Really fun! I hope to grab it on sale sometime soon because I wouldn’t mind actually playing the entire game. I Think turn based stealth Games are slept on

Yeah? So it is stealth? I thought it was like mirrors edge and more focused on parkour. So there’s stealth mechanics that force a slow approach?

Yep. A yearly playthrough for me. Love that game for stealth.

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Haha I remember that! That was so fun, enchant all your gear with chameleon and go nuts!

Easily! Dishonoured has a habit of making the gamer feel like a badass. I really hope there’s a sequel coming.

I feel like stealth needs to be up there with FPS and RPG when it comes to popularity

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Splinter cell conviction! OMG that game was fun! That darkness mechanic was so underrated IMO. I really don’t know why it got so much hate but I didn’t really care because that game was super fun! I even loved blacklist, that’s as fun too.

I didn’t enjoy Blacklist at all. lol

As for Conviction, I loved it!! The interrogations were great as was the mark and execute feature. Only thing I didn’t like was the Last Known Position as I don’t think the game needed it at all. I also loved Deniable Ops. I used to play them so many times trying to get through it without being detected. Could never do all of them.

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Yeah that feature might have been a push into a hyper stealth play style, paired with the mark and shoot mechanic it was clear Ubisoft were trying to get a broader audience with this one.

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Ha yeah, it wasn’t until I started compiling this list that I realised that either! Most of these titles are some of my favourite games.

It would be awesome to see Tenchu back, I believe Activision sold the rights back to Fromsoftware and they seem to have their hands tied with other titles (Elden Ring) so it may be a long time. You could also add Ghost of Tsushima to the list, it’s not technically stealth but you can approach parts in a stealthy manner (much like AC/FarCry).

A Plague Tale 1 & 2 are definitely up there with my favourite games of all time. Loved the story, the gameplay and the wider mechanics of it all. I’m not sure where your based but you can pick up the first game for about £5/$6.5 on the various cd key websites. The sequel just kicks it up a notch!

My favourite AC game was brotherhood, I wish they would remaster it.

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No, it’s very different from the other games I suggested. It’s very much a faster approach but you get to essentially become a cyberpunk ninja with a sword. You have to make decisions on the fly about the approach you take to get behind enemies quickly and dispatch them. This also includes identifying snipers and taking them out first.

Visually it’s pretty awesome and although there are pipes and air ducts etc they aren’t really designed for stealth and it feels like you get punished if you move slowly. You also get abilities which are similar to Dishonored.

It was just another suggestion if you like the whole ‘Ninja’ type experience :wink:.

You can play most encounters in stealth. The game tries to go for more dynamic cinematic predator stealth where you’re likely to alert enemies at some point (esp clickers) and either lose them and regain stealth or go John Wick on them and it works either way. I can’t put it on pure stealth like Thief or classic Splinter Cell though.

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Deus Ex, Skyrim with a bow, Assassins Creed 1 and Splinter Cell were already mentioned so i want to add Sniper Elite. Not only is a stealthy playstyle really well implemented here, sniping the balls off Nazis from hundred meters away in slow motion never gets old :+1:


I have to agree but I only played Sniper Elite 5 and I was surprised with it, it was almost like a smaller mission based version of MGS 5! I liked it a lot


Probably a slightly odd take, but I typically play the sniper elite games as some kind of stealth game, I try to sneak up behind people or pick them off one at a time from close range with a silenced pistol and hide them in bushes or in the water etc. I kind of prefer to do a stealth like approach in most stuff, doing Far Cry 4 right now and am trying to get the last few outposts and strongholds without being spotted or setting off an alarm.

Edit, I guess I’m not the first to think of that one after all :blush:

I liked a lot of what 5 did and the maps are good, but I honestly liked a lot of 4 slightly better. You can pick up the version with the extra dlc maps relatively cheap in a sale if you keep your eyes open.

5 also had some good dlc, the last one in a ship repair yard I especially liked and managed a play through without alerting anyone but it took forever. Was great.


Ghost is a 3D game, with a semi-open world. The environments remind me a bit of Fable and the graphics are great.

Very forced yeah, early on you’ll get checkpoint reloads for being detected. It’s very short and easy at about 10 hours, one of my favourite games last gen.


Should add games like Shadow Tactics, Desperadoes III and Shadow Gambit are not necessarily stealth games, but they reward stealth play strongly. Clearing out some maps without an alarm is great fun.


Those are fantastic I hate that I forgot to mention them. Very sad the studio shut down :disappointed:


Mark of the Ninja is literally a game I dreamt of as a child

I’ve said this before

It’s just…so damn good