State of Play: Thursday, August 6th 1pm Pacific

No PS5 news. Bummer. Starting to think it’s more and more likely that they will unveil pricing/release date info via a press release instead of an event.

Technically it said no “big” PS5 announcements. There can be small ones.

True. I’m mostly referring to pricing/release date info, which of course would be a “big” announcement.

The more time passes without the pre orders and dates for both the more i feel they are going to be at least 500€ and thats why they are afraid of the initial hate wave.

In Lockhart and :craig: we trust if this is more or less accurate

It’s better to expect 500.

With no more PS4 exclusives, what would they be covering? I assume just 3rd party games?

They’ll probably have plenty of marketing deals left. Crash, Call of Duty, etc.

It’s not like the PlayStation 4 won’t get any content for the next months.

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Indeed, that is true. I did see somewhere that COD might have switch sides now? I know that Destiny is now on the Xbox side with marketing after leaving Sony.

Destiny “left” because Activision was handling the deal. I don’t think you’ll see COD switching right now and that will become apparent soon enough.

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This seems to be rather late for their COD reveal. I wonder why the delay.

First thing, Sledgehammer Games (Advanced Warfare, WWII) isnt making it’s own COD games anymore, so it’s returned to the two-year cycle between just Infinity Ward and Treyarch.

Treyarch is on this supposed 2020 game, but they only had two years to develop it. That alone would be a problem, but we’re also in a middle of a pandemic right now, and they have to develop it for five platforms (current gen, next gen, PC).

So I’d imagine this COD either gets delayed or is released in a very bare-bones or broken state.

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Wow. I am not liking the sound of that. I wasn’t aware that Sledgehammer Games is done with COD. Well, there is no better time than the present for COD to skip this year and let them work on making COD really good. REALLY good. If that is possible.

I’m assuming no price in august for both consoles

No big PS5 news?

I wonder when they will announce price + launch date?

Its getting quite rediculous now. I dont see how its possible to keep price secret so close to launch,. Massive retailers like Amazon will need the price very soon. They have orders of pallets and pallets of consoles and for insurance + tax purposes they will need to know the value of the products.

Sony still have that deal with Call of Duty, right? I’ll be shocked if we don’t see any mention of that here.

Disappointing that there won’t be any real hard hitting PS5 news, but I get it.

Treyarch could have sledgehammer assisting like the did for modern warfare 2019, so while cod 2020 may have a shorter dev time the man hours could be the same or more because there is more devs working on the game.

so no release date and price about ps5! such a waste of time.

Hoping from the announced games we see more Kena that game looked incredible.

like others mention, COD. So odd that we are in August and they havent announced the new one yet, then again not your typical year to say the least.


Kena won’t be there. The official Twitter said they would be in the event “only in spirit”.

I disagree with the sentiment that attention for the PS4 is a waste of time. It’s Just that people are waiting for more PS5 info.

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