State of Play: Thursday, August 6th 1pm Pacific

Interesting that there isn’t big PS5 news…so I’m assuming smaller PS5 news? I’m guessing we’re going to wait even longer in the month to get the price of the PS5/D? :frowning:

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Wonder if they’ll transition PSVR to PSVR2 during the generation and how that will work out.

Other than that… not a very interestng show it seems. Guess they are waiting for MS to announce a price?

This game of chicken will go all the way to Gamecom/ONL. sigh

Price and launch date seem to be reserved for the last week of the month, alongside Xbox.

It’s going to be sad because both companies are wanting to respond to something like the day after. This is just weak sauce.

Lots of ps4 games still left nier crash etc .

Sure. MS had everything in one show, while Sony’s ‘Future of PlayStation’ show was more focused on PS5. So this makes sense.

I understand why, but still bummed on how the pandemic basically made this year a stream of disappointing events, since either stuff is not ready to show or they keep holding stuff back.

Damn, was hoping they’d have more PS5 news, including the price. :frowning_face:

Me and you both.

I am legitimately shocked they aren’t talking PS5 but hopefully end of August

To be fair, 40 mins is quite a long show. I expected more of the usual 15 mins especially as it’s PS4 focused and there isn’t really much left to come (apart from the usual indie flood). Show might be interesting if they got enough content to fill 40 mins

My predictions for it:

  • Lost Soul Aside (i heard sony would show something for the game this year, and i think this is the best place for it)
  • Babylon’s Fall (same as LSA above)
  • news for Crash Bandicoot 4
  • new Call of Duty reveal (finally???!!?!?!?!)
  • something for Resident Evil 8 (not 100% right about this, but Capcom has things to show this month and it makes sense)
  • The King of Fighters XV (got a source who told me SNK was preparing to show it, and since KOF XIV was exclusive to PS4, it makes sense)

PS5D going to be $499. Mark it down.

Well it seems that they are going in depth on already announce stuff. I’m hoping for more footage on Kena as that was my favorite game they showed.

For better or worse, they have the mindshare where they can be more conservative on their PS5 info drops and people would still be lining up to buy the console.

This would be a good show. COD would really be about time, normally by June we’d have had one or more trailer and around August we tend to be playing the betas already.

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Soo the the chicken hunt between sony and MS continues :frowning:

A lot of japanese games are still coming. Maybe we will hear more this week. Let’s not forget that Sony has to give their japanese audience a showcase too. Around TGS time is my guess. So much more is still coming for the PS4 and PS5 this year.

This is frustratingly annoying by both companies. I miss E3.