State of Play, September 13th

With Tokyo Game Show just around the corner, it’s almost time to celebrate the amazing creative contributions of the Japanese game development community. And it’s also a perfect time to kick off another State of Play.

State of Play returns tomorrow, Tuesday, September 13, with a new live broadcast at 3:00pm Pacific Time / 6:00pm Eastern Time / 11:00pm BST. You can watch it live on Twitch and YouTube.

For tomorrow’s show, we’ll have some great updates from our amazing Japanese partners, along with a few other surprises from developers all around the world.

Expect about ~20 minutes of reveals, new updates and fresh gameplay footage for 10 games coming to PS5, PS4, and PS VR2. See you tomorrow!

Still no showcase?


Not what I was hoping for. This tells me that Sony will most likely skip 2022 in regards to having a PlayStation Showcase. Also, the wording tells me that this is more of a third party showcase event than anything else.

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Theres no way they go an entire year without a proper showcase surely

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Apparently the leaker that leaked everything about UbiForward and AC said that a new AAA Playstation IP will be shown in 2-3 weeks, so I guess there could be one still. They also have to show much more of God of War.

They will if they have nothing major or ready to showcase. I look at Ubi/Marvel shows and they didn’t need to happen at all. The best Showcase has been the Xbox Showcase in June but even that for me was very disappointing. Compared to 2021, nothing truly major for me. If there’s no PlayStation Showcase, The Game Awards would probably be the last showcase of the year since X0 would be in November if Microsoft does one this year.

We’ll see. I wonder what the new IP could be. I’m still waiting on Helldivers 2 being shown but im not expecting it tomorrow.

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I will never understand this, why do people want to see so much of the games beforehand?

Here, this new book releases in two months. Let me read you chapter 3, 9 and 14. Wtf, no thanks.

I look forward to Starfield, I don’t want to see a second more from that game. Even what we saw at the Showcase was a bit too much.


I said it wrong, I don’t want to see more of it, and I hate that they are showing more and more ( we are losing that surprise everytime ). More like, it would be weird for Sony to show so few of one of their major IP.

Hmpf, aight. Takes @Boosted_Gear off the weirdo-list.

Yeah I guess they would indeed show it more before release.


It’s supposed to be a Japanese focused State of Play, something something Silent Hill perhaps?

Manifesting Metal Gear remake and SH announcement.

It depends, that would be the ind of announcement you keep for your Playstation Showcase, but I don’t know, it could be. However, in the end, it is a 20 min SOP announced just a day before, so maybe there won’t be much.

Man such a busy week now. 40 minute direct, 20 minute state of play, 90 minute id@xbox twitch show, hour of xbox at TGS. tons of other TGS streams including capcom… mama mia!


Nice to see they remember something outside of CoD.

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20 minutes. Guess it will be tight.

I certainly don’t mind mostly Japanese dedicated State of Plays. Especially since last time, most of the games were coming to Xbox.

I wonder how many exclusives this might have though…

They’re doing us a favor, while Xbox we can hope for more Game Pass goodness. It’s like Klob said, nah for third party games announcement, yah for game pass day one.

Exclusives? I doubt it. PS/Switch/PC is the thing to watch out for…

Also it doesn’t sound like there’s very many new reveals here. 10 games and it sounds like most of them are already announced.

Silent Hill announcement :joy: This time for sure.