Starfield releases for Xbox Series X|S and Windows 10 PCs on November, 11... 2022

Same here. But good things come to those who wait and I feel we will get something special when we do finally get it in our hands because the information coming out honestly makes it seem we will get the Mass Effect game we always wanted - not to say that game was not special when it came out but you can tell the 360 held the game back obviously. At least we have a firm release date.

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I’m starting to think without the acquisition the game would’ve been a 2021 release, just like some insiders said. The extra year must be bethesda and xbox working together to further improve the game and take advantage of series hardware

According to Howard, in “Starfield” players will join an organization dubbed Constellation, the last group of space explorers. At the outset, players will choose their character’s background, with many options for customization that will impact how some things in the game unfold.

“[Pely] knows what all the buttons do on the ships. Even though it’s science fiction, your mind can sort of draw the line all the way back [to NASA]," Howard elaborated. "It all should feel lived in, even for a ship.” The environment in the ship isn’t fancy, as demonstrated by the curiously packaged Chunks, a kind of MRE, displayed in one of the trailer scenes. Howard said its contents were a “mix of processed space food,” probably primarily potato.

The massive amount of “things” that are included in the game are stored in an internal Wiki at Bethesda, a library of all things “Starfield” to which many of the employees who work on the project have access. These include histories, backstories, starship architecture, pretty much anything a fan (or an employee) would geek out about.

A detailed timeline was created that included the history of “what happens every decade” and it was decided that the game would take place “300-ish years in the future," Howard said. "And now man is living amongst the stars: what does that mean?”

To help in the journey, there are a variety of robots. While there is nothing like Star Wars’s C3PO, Howard said there is one named Vasco (a nod to explorer Vasco da Gama) who is admonished (via a crew member’s wall scrawl) in the trailer because the robot forgot to procure a beverage called Tranquilitea. That name is yet another nod to NASA: Tranquility Base was the moon site on which the Apollo 11 astronauts first landed and walked.


I think this game is 2024 tbh


That’s too soon. It’s got to be. They can’t turnover so quickly between such massive projects, surely.

I mean, I’d love to be wrong but 2024 has got to be too soon for TESVI.


God this all sounds so cool. They really could be building the next Elder Scrolls/Fallout here.

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That’s two years after Starfield? Yeah can’t see that happening either. Knowing BGS there will be expansions for Starfield too and usually the bulk of the team is on that before they move on to their next big project.

But who knows, TES VI was in pre production back in 2019 or so?

Good video, some nice details



I am so ready for this game lol. It is honestly giving me Mass Effect vibes in terms of its wonder and scope.

Game looks awesome, super excited for this and all the Bethesda/Zenimax IP’s coming to gamepass day one

They’re still writing articles about the game coming to ps5. Damn.

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Oh, this will continue even after release. It’s just free press at this point.

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A Sci-fi Elder Scrolls? Sign me up!

That art SLAPS as the kids say. This going to be a generation defining game.


Some people are having a hard time with a “post PlayStation society”, so please cut them some slack. We’re now living “post-PlayStation” in that there will be multiple AAA popular franchises that for the first time can’t be played on a Sony console. It will take some time for people to come to grips with this.