Starfield |OT| You're Finally Awake... In Space!

It deflates my hype for this year but not for the game


To set expectations I assume the release month to be 6-18 months away from the month actual gameplay is show

There is literally no gameplay shown yet for any of the Xbox games yet… So no release month expectations from me right now

After E3 I will set my expectations based on the gameplay they will show

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That’s a good idea.

Hellblade II.


In respect of launch year I meant… Xbox themselves have not committed to its release year yet

The gameplay was shown Dec 2021, from my expectations it may release by July of 2023. That’s it.

Fair enough. I was also expecting Hellblade II to come out in the first half of 2023, but I would imagine the Redfall and Starfield delays pushes that out a bit, maybe to Summer or Fall.

Keeping in mind that NT likely got hit the hardest with covid I’m starting to wonder if it’s a 2023 release at all.

True, but I’d like to think the fact that they were the earliest to show gameplay indicates they will release first (as in before Perfect Dark and Fable, alongside Avowed).

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we’re all speculating when these games will come out…the truth is we have no idea. Outside of Starfield/Redfall which have been delayed.

We don’t know how far Hellblade 2 is. But i seriously doubt its gonna come early 2023.

Avowed is another game we;ve seen nothing of. Maybe 2023 will be a huge year for Xbox…or not. It might just have redfall and Starfield. Perfect Dark is a question mark too