Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order joins EA Play (and Game Pass Ultimate!) on November 10

A galaxy-spanning adventure awaits in STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order™ – and starting November 10, you’ll be able to begin your Jedi training with an EA Play* membership.

Just in time for next-gen!

Friendly reminder: the game runs at a locked 60 FPS without any pop-in or stutter on the Series X!


Nice. I’ve been waiting to play this.

When is ea play coming to GP PC?

Excellent! Been waiting for this one. Now to somehow find the time to play it lol.

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Boom ! Good get, right in time for launch ! Now with a XSX patch, pls Respawn !!

My playlist for the Series X is already impossibly large, and then EA drops this on me. This might be the first game I truly dive into, after I’m done dabbling with/testing out various games around launch.

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I bought it in March for $27~ and haven’t touched it. That’ll teach me!


Sadly, I have already finished this game haha


YESS looks like I’m playing on the most powerful console

Ok, I really shouldn’t have bought the deluxe edition for $70. I haven’t even finished the game yet…

Apparently, December, probably Dec 10.

December is the best time to get into Game Pass PC as you’ll be getting EA Play, DOOM Eternal, The Medium, Dragon Quest XI

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Wow great news! My friends will be happy to play it.

For those of you who didn’t play it yet, the game is really great, you can jump in, absolutely great experience I had with it.

Great cast, great story great combat, you have this sens of becoming more and more powerful, great level design, not so great loot lol unfortunately the only minus I give it. Waiting for another game like that to go even further and expand on the ideas.

The difficulty is quite good I finished it in the max difficulty beware there are some incredible challenges and some difficulty spikes at certain moments but nothing TV breaking lol.


Same haha waiting for the next game. What did you think of it?

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This is one of my favorite games from the soon-to-be last-gen. It combines the exploration of the modern Tomb Raider games and the combat of the From games (there is an Easy difficulty, though!) and it all blends very well with the Star Wars theme. Can’t recommend it enough!

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My patience paid off! Now I have plenty to play at launch without buying anything. And my Series X from Amazon has a ship date of the 10th …

imo it was pretty good, and a solid argument for EA to actually greenlight more singleplayer star wars games, especially coming off of Battlefront 2 and cancellation of a Visceral studios SW game (along with the killing of the studio itself smh)

I liked the characters, world design, the ending and the combat was surprisingly good. But this was the same year Sekiro released, and this game’s combat is very similar (swordplay focused, lock on system, stamina/posture bar). So having played both, I will say the combat in JFO can come off a bit janky. I wish there were more bosses too. One thing is they didn’t explore force powers enough (compared to something like the old Force Unleashed games), but that makes narrative sense given you’re still a Padawan and learning to use the Force throughout this game, which is why I think a sequel would have amazing potential to explore more force powers when you’ve matured as a Jedi. A sequel is definitely needed, and in Respawn’s case, second time is definitely the charm :slight_smile:


Second this! Really enjoyed this game.

This is a good launch game. An old game but a good launchgame nonetheless.

Yep agree with you on what you said. It was a great game and unfortunately there was Sekiro which has a way smoother gameplay and got GOTY 2019 a well deserved one for all Fromsoftware efforts during all this years.

But imho for a 1st game it is really good and encouraging for Respawn. Hopefully a sequel will be even better they have a great and solid foundation. They need to smoother the gameplay and make way better loot more incentives for that with proper outfits and more powers and bosses indeed.


That’s great news and I plan to play it on my base Xbox One.

But this makes me want a Series X. Playing games like this at a crisp resolution at 60fps…I might just wait.

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Yep just a few day to hold till the 10th. You can do it.

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