Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order joins EA Play (and Game Pass Ultimate!) on November 10

Well I won’t be able to afford it soon anyways :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but I’m patient. I may very well start the game on the base X1 so I can resume on the XSX and appreciate the power difference moreso.

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Excellent news, was holding off buying this. Will make a nice launch game for seriesX, i hope they do a next gen patch for it.

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Oh what a shame. Why don’t you participate in Xbox Fanfest sweepstakes to win a XSX? Maybe you can win one, let’s try.


I’ve got too many games to play day one already.

For the hand wringing about launch games, I’m literally going into a Series X enhanced backlog the moment my box arrives.

Been hoping to try Fallen Order but have been stopping myself from buying because of EA Play. The patience has paid off.

ahhh hell yes, this too. The outfits they had in the game were all too similar and rather boring, need more variety the next time around.

Yep it was just ponchos lol


Now more people can experience this phenomenal game.

Is it coming to Ea play today? I cant find it.