Star Ocean: The Divine Force 40 Minute Showcase Announced for Next week

Whats that you say? A SE published JRPG is coming out on Xbox? Thats right!

Now I had mixed impressions on the first reveal and the last SO game on PS4 was an abomination. Hopefully this does well. Still coming out in 2022. Day 1 for me hopefully release date is announced I mean it has to be. 40minute for 1 game like this is crazy…they must have a lot of faith for it.

This is the sort of game MS should throw money at a Gamepass day 1 if possible. I still own that Collectors edition of SO4 for 360.

Time is really early for US. 7am EST and 4AM PST and 12PM GMT


Just enjoy what they show, most third party games aren’t coming to gamepass.


Yeah i know. Ill be buying regardless. Im talking about the whole no 1st party for fall situation for MS. Since SE are neglecting xbox for mainline FF…maybe ms can bag this game as a GP title. Who knows. Hopefully SE do a limited edition physical. Ill get it.

I could see this being day one for gamepass or for ps now depending if either wants to drop the cash for it to on there

Se arent gonna put any of their games on sonys service day one. They wont make any money.

Can’t wait to see this, the more JRPGs on Xbox the better. I don’t have a lot of time for long RPGs to be honest, but once in a while I’m always up for it. Hopefully it turns out decent.

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I think it depends how serious Sony is about the service. If they are willing to flash some cash and get some smaller (mean non ff7 remake size) Jrpgs this maybe perfect.

I am somewhat tepid on this jrpg (I will still buy it to support more jrpgs)

This did not look hot when it was shown, but hopefully big improvements have been made.

40 minutes makes me think they must be confident in it

After the FF7 situation, I dont think MS should be giving Square anymore GP deals

We know how serious sony are. Awful backlog still streaming pa3 games and charging for ps5 versions of games still like re7. I know its capcom but MS make sure if RE comes to gamepass its next gen as well.

I’m kinda curious about it to be honest, even though it looked rough a year ago. But a lot can be done in a year, or was it even longer ago?

Either way, I really want to support as many Japanese games coming to Xbox, unless it’s utter trash, that is. The last Hope was fun, except for the horrible voices. I can’t cope with JRPGs in English anymore, Japanese voices option or else hell no.

it will absolutely have JPN voices. 360 had space issues so they left out JPN voices. It did come to the PS3 version after though

My rule for JPN voie acting is simple. Good Eng VA>Good JPN VA>BAd English VA>Bad JPN VA(which is rare but there are examples)

Good English voice acting can add a lot to a game. There is a reason Yakuza Like a Dragon is the best jrpg ever made. People who prefer subtitles and Japanese audio are a loud minority that don’t represent the larger gaming community.

Which is something I will never be able to understand. Just like people like one of my buddies who watched any anime in English, good lord above. But hey, to each their own.

I remember seeing a clip of Naruto and One Piece in English and I knew I never wanted to hear that shit again. Or the intro of FFXV, that stuff was horrible. Or Infinite Undiscovery on 360, lmao. Or Lyml in I believe it was SO The Last Hope?

Yakuza same story, no way in hell I’d ever play that in English. But I am glad both options are there. Everyone happy. :slight_smile:


According to my calculations the stream should be there for my country now, odd.

Stream starts in ~90min.

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  • 20min about game, 10min about merch and different game versions

  • fast-paced gameplay. Looks a lot faster than Tales of Arise

  • don’t like the graphics and character design

  • release date 10/27/22


Ok some of the info we got

Release date of october 27th.

Le version in japan is ps5 ps4 only

No word on western LE yet. Im expecting worldwide date and announcement later today.

Game looks like other SO games…not a fan of the huge breasted 14yr olds tbh. I mean cmon.

Battle system looks fine…game runs bettet than last demo

October 27th means absolutely no way im buying this day 1. 6 days after persona 5 royal? Yeah no chance. Unless they do xbox LE in the US.

Ill get it around christmas time or whenever i finish playing P5.

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That’s the release date for the West?

Combat looks fun, graphics are alright. The framerate in some parts is rough though!

I checked, but it seems unclear as of now if that’s the release date for us too.